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It's Not About the Money!

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It's Not About the Money!

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Lately everyone has been focusing on how everyone looks. A newbie could be in the Square, and a more popular citizen might say "Move!!" or "You're ugly" instead of offering to help, or at least being polite. This isn't fair!!

But that's not exactly what I'm here to tell you about today.

If you look through City Records, you'll notice that everyone's face is just about the same. Most girls have blonde hair, blue eyes, a shirt, and gold hoop earrings. Where has the creativity gone? I like wearing what everyone else is wearing, most of the time, but I think it's cool to dress differently sometimes. How about making your face upside down? But lately, if you don't have the right "requirements", then you're not cool.

I have red hair now, because most everyone I see has blonde. What do you think? I interviewed KaWoods, one of Whyville's original veterans (she was the 48th person to sign up on Whyville!!), about the subject:

Me: Hey!! I haven't talked to you in a long time!! How are ya? I was wondering if you'd do an interview with me?

KaWoods: Hi! i'm pretty good... lots of homework, but that's nothing new. :) I'll answer your questions for sure.

Me: I love the way your face is different!! How did you come up with the idea?

KaWoods: I came up with the idea because I figure that nobody has just one face. Some people feel really girly AND really tomboyish, for example. I decided to take advantage of the face format here in Whyville and put my two faces on my head. I didn't make two exclusive faces because I don't just have two faces. I tried to incorporate every aspect of myself into my face.

Me: Just about all the girls in Whyville wear the SAME thing... what caused you to go against the crowd?

KaWoods: I mostly just happened to go against the crowd. At first, when everybody could only wear stuff that Akbar made, I admit, I did want to go against the "norm". Now though, I just consider my face a form of self-expression. I'm nothing unique to look at in real life so I basically made my dream face. Oh, and I hate being like everyone else. If I actually wanted to be blonde here, I would be, but since I'm blonde in real life, I know it's nothing special.

Me: Have any comments?

KaWoods: I wish more people would do what they actually feel like instead of conforming to the expectations of others. If a person actually wants to do the expected thing, that's alright, but if a person is pressured into it, I think that's wrong. At school I never hesitate to say what I believe in, even to old stodgy teachers, and I am respected for it. I wish more people would speak their mind, (in respectful and tolerant ways), because then the world would be more used to different ideas and opinions.

Me: Thanks a million!! :)



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