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The Tragic Beauty Contest

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The Tragic Beauty Contest

Guest Writer

Hi, all ya peeps out there! Well, this is my first time writing, so I hope you like my article.

For many weeks now, I have been watching everyone very closely. I have been concentrating on how they treat each other because of their faces on Whyville.

We all know how popular beauty contests are. Well, once I decided to watch one and see how people reacted to losing. There were roughly 10 people there, and the judge called out the winners and sent those people thier prizes. There was one boy (not mentioning names) who didn't come in any place, and the girl beside him won -- well, that boy reacted really badly. He started saying rude things to the girl like, "You're not a b/c winner, a pig wouldn't be seen with you!"

He carried on like this for about 10 minutes, and the girl ignored him, but then she retaliated, and that's when the fights began. Some of the people in the room joined forces with the boy and the others joined forces with the girl. They started saying really mean things to each other.

After a while one of the boys decided to go for another kind of bullying he decided to try and scare the girl. He started asking her questions like, "What do you sleep in?" and "When did you last go to the toilet?" The girl got really scared and went she reported the boy, but City Hall couldn't do anything. Other people came to find out about the argument and what the girl was called and they also started saying rude things to her.

Eventually she couldn't take it anymore -- everywhere she went, someone said something nasty to her. She decided she didn't like Whyville anymore and stopped coming on.

She wanted to do something to stop the things that happened in Whyville while she was there, so she decided she would try and close Whyville down. Wells, her dad managed to twist his finger around a few things, and eventually Whyville closed down! All because of the immature behaviour of a losing b/c contender.

This story is not true, but this could really happen if we keep acting immature in beauty contests. I tell you, if you hate losing then don't join in any contests, because your sorrow from losing could go a long way.

Thanx for reading my article, I hope you liked it! Chow for now!!

tranner... xxx



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