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Review: Spider-Man 3

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Hey Whyvillians, this is Nolegirl6 back with another review. Today, I will be reviewing the ever popular Spider-Man 3. These movies were based on a comic book. The genre of this movie is a mix between action, adventure, science fiction, and fantasy. It is two hours and twenty minutes long. Tobey Maguire, who plays Peter Parker and Spider-man, and Kirsten Dunst, who plays M. J., are the two actors from this movie you would recognize the most. Some of the other actors are Thomas Haden Church, who is Flint Marko and the villain the Sandman, Topher Grace, who plays the villain Venom, and James Franco, who is Harry.

Spider-man is back, in the third movie of Spider-man. This one is about Spidey's suit turning black when a chemical gets on him after taking M.J. on a romantic bike ride and it gets stuck on the back. If you happen to get this chemical on you, it changes you behavior instantly. It takes your behavior and amplifies it, meaning it makes it stronger. So when Peter Parker goes out, he acts much differently.

Many people say this movie is a disappointment, and that they didn't like it. I can understand why people would say that. This movie was fairly different from the others. As my friend pointed out, there are many more love scenes. I do agree, there is about twice as many love scenes as the other movies. So if you hate love scenes, this might not be the right movie for you.

I, on the other hand, quite liked this movie. It had a better mix of romance and action than the other movies. The previous movies were pretty much all action. It was a little bit harder for me to follow. I think that Kirsten Dunst gave an excellent performance. On the other hand, Tobey Maguire is suppose to be one of the best actors in the movie, but I thought he didn't do as well as I expected.

Flint Marko, also known as the Sandman, plays a major role in this movie. He comes into the story after escaping from a jail to go home and see his daughter. Apparetly his daughter has some serious health issues. He turns into the sandman when he is running from the cops and falls in a sand pit, that is apparently part of an experiment. These poles start whirling around and around, and then a sand particles gets inside of him and everything turns to sand. He gets blown away by the wind made by the poles still going around and around. After they stop, he comes to be made of sand, then it blows off of him and he looks like a normal man.

Venom is another villian in Spider-Man 3. He was originally a photographer for the Daily Bugle, and I unfortunently forgot his real name, my apologies. But when Spidey realizes what his black suit does to his behavior, he swings up to the top of a church where the photographer was praying (praying that Peter Parker would die), when the photographer hears the bell sound from Spidey struggling to take off the black suit. As the photographer looks up and sees Peter, the black suit, now torn to pieces, falls on him and takes over his form. He looks much like the Black Suited Spider-man, but his eye pieces are lightning bolt shaped, and his teeth are very jagged.

My favorite character in this movie is the Sandman, because he has good intensions, and because of his good-being in the ending. I would give this movie a 4 why-bird rating, for having a good mix of action and romance. This is Nolegirl6, quoting Peter Parker, "We always have a choice in life", which he says toward the ending.



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