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Mission Impossible?

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Mission Impossible?

Astro25 and Astro26
Guest Writers

I'm not really sure what exactly is wrong with Whyville. I'm not sure if there are some money problems or just the fact that we need money and popularity to make Whyville an even bigger success. I'm no Bigfoot, nor do I know much about this Operation Tito.

All I know that if we succeed in bringing him here, we can make Whyville a much greater place, and who knows, one of us can be a star if the news crew wants a shot of Dennis Tito with the residents of Whyville! LoL.... Anyways, to learn more about Dennis Tito and his famous ride to the heavens, go to CNN's profile.

Please write to Mr. Tito explaining about our current situation and tell him why we would like him to visit our glorious city. From what I know, Mr. Dennis Tito paid about 20 million dollars to go to the great beyond. It was said by his companions that he stayed much like a kid all of his life (and who wouldn't?). He always tries to find bigger and greater challenges, and I believe that this is a challenge many will never encounter, even if they live to be as old as an oak tree -- so let's challenge him to come check out Whyville!

When Mr. Tito was in his early 20's, he aspired to become an astronaut despite the risk such as the Challenger, a rocket that blew up and killed the passengers and scientists inside, and for this, I respect his bravery and dreams. Because NASA didn't believe he was capable of going off into space, he took on as an engineer for NASA's Jet Propulsion lab in Pasadena, California (I live really near there, surprisingly) in 1964, when space technology wasn't exactly as efficient as technology today.

"The cost was not a major issue," he told CNN about his trip to space. "I mean, we all know you can't take it with you. I'm a 60 year old, here is a chance to have a once in a lifetime experience."

Actually, I'm kind of confused on why they let a man at the age of 60 to go off into space, but when a man goes to space in his senior years, you have to respect his boldness. Most dreamers just dream, but people who reach for their goals really do go the distance. (Got that one from Cinderella, *was really really really bored, but nevertheless*.)

Let's reach out to Mr. Tito, who knows, maybe he can make our dreams come true! Mission Impossible... *continues humming the tune*...

C ya! Astro's (space names, haha ha ah) out!



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