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Miss Whyville Contest

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Miss Whyville Contest

Times Writer

Hey Ya'll,

This is your faithful reporter Shelly1 here. I've been listening around Whyville and it seems that everyone is asking for a Miss Whyville Contest. Well, now it is finally coming, and I'll just lay it all out for you.

How To Enter:

First off is how to enter the Miss Whyville Contest. As you probably already know, you have to be female. Your age doesn't matter and it doesn't matter where you live either, but there are a few conditions and you're not guaranteed to get in.

To apply to enter you must email me, Shelly1, and tell me your name, age, and hobbies, and, most important of all, the answer to this question: "Why do you think that you should be Miss Whyville?"

You are allowed to send in quotes from friends, too, if it will help your answer. When this article is published in the Times, you will have exactly one week to send me your response to the question along with the other information. (That means it's all due on Thursday, August 2nd, 2001!)

After that week is up, the next day I will take some time to look over the answers and then send in the results to the Whyville Times and also send a note by y-mail to the lucky 15 contestants. In the article I will include the time, date, and place of the final show-down between the 15 lucky finalists, giving them a little publicity.

Everyone is invited to come and attend the ceremony. After all the votes are gathered and the final decision is made, the first Miss Whyville will recieve her Miss Whyville crown, which I will be having specially made by one lucky person. I haven't decided on who, yet.

Miss Whyville will have recieved these already before she is announced to the public. She will be asked to go and quickly change into the crown and dress and hurry back, where I will have a Whyvillian come and take a few pictures of the first Miss Whyville and write an article as well.

After the contest ceremony there will be a short reception where everyone will be able to talk and congratulate Miss Whyville, whoever that lucky girl might be. (By the way, I'm of course not allowed to enter.)

That pretty much wraps up the whole ceremony bit. Now, I'll also be hiring people to help me out for this, because, as you can see, this is quite a big job. You will be paid, by the way. Here is a list.

Miss Whyville Ceremony Helpers:

  • A Crown and Dress Designer: 200 clams
  • Photographer and Reporter: 150 clams
  • 3 Guards: 25 clams
  • 2 People (to help get the girls in line and prepared and stuff like that.): 80 clams
  • Co-Host: 100 clams

If you would like to apply for one of these jobs Y-mail me (Shelly1). Also, something that would also be a big help for me deciding in the photographer/reporter job would be to get a referral from the Times Editor or from City Hall. Same with the Crown/Dress Designer, that would be a big help.

I'd like to say again that the time is not yet decided, because I'm not sure when this article will be released. The rest of the information is listed below.

  • Time:________________?__________________
  • Date:________________?__________________
  • Place: Sportplatz
  • Dress Code: Formal (elegant dress or elegant suit)

Oh yes, one more thing, I'll try and sort this one out with City Hall. To assist us with our decision, we'd like your opinion -- I'll try and get a voting station set up so you can vote for who you want to win, (you'll only be able to vote once though, so make sure you vote for the one you want to win! If we get the voting station, that is.)

That about wraps up this article, if you have any questions about this, or any ideas to improve the ceremony, please Y-mail me, Shelly1.

This is Shelly1, signing off.



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