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If You Build It...

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Hard hat area At the scene of a typical
Myville house being built.

If You Build It...
Home Design and Construction

There's no place like home, especially when you've made that home yourself. With the technology that's now available to the average inhabitant of Myville, you too can engineer a home that any Legomaniac (tm ) would be proud to own!

by Marty B.
Guest columnist

First of all, you'll need a plot of land. Go to the Land Office out between the outskirts of Whyville West and Myville, and let Bob help you make your choice and sign your deed.

Building Blocks Construction, the company that won the bid for handling all of Myville's construction work, bases its structures on bricks that are a lot like Legos (tm ). This makes any design flexible, in case you want to change anything later on.

To go straight to putting together your new place, click on the brick house in the upper left of your screen, just above the bus. The building screen that comes up has two parts: on the left is your plot, in which you can assemble blocks to create anything you want -- a house, a sign, a piece of art, towers, slides, and more -- and on the right is the storage column, where your unused bricks are kept.

Just like in the "Pick Your Nose" activity, you click on an item in the storage column to pick it up. The number next to each object tells you how many of that type of brick you have left.

When you move your mouse over the building screen, the selected brick will jump to your cursor. If you then click on the screen, you will set the brick down. After that, you'll have to use the keyboard or click on the screen buttons (Up/Down and East/West/North/South) in order to move the brick. If you want to rotate any object, you'll have to remember to do that (using the Rotate button or pressing Spacebar) before setting it down.

Don't let the height of the object before setting it down fool you; things will fall down if there isn't something beneath them. Be careful you don't lose something when it falls behind other bricks!

If the brick you want to move isn't going anywhere, make sure that there's a white highlighting around the edges -- that lets you know that you've selected it by clicking on the brick. When you decide that a brick needs to be removed, select it and then press Delete on your keyboard; this will send it back to your storage column.

To save your house, click on the Done button. That's it! Oh, and don't forget that you can choose different colors by clicking on the color you want for a selected brick.

In the future, you'll be able to buy new bricks and rooms to add to your house and improve your renovations. And remember, you can always come back and change everything at any time! It's just like being a real engineer!

To keep things simple, here's a brief list of what to do and how to do it:
  1. Get a plot from the land office.
  2. Go to house building screen via the brick house or the pull-down menu in the bus.
  3. Click on a brick in the inventory to add it to the building screen. Click on the building screen to set it down.
  4. To rotate a brick, hit the Spacebar before setting the brick down.
  5. When a brick has been selected, it will be highlighted.
  6. Use the keyboard or the up/down, e/w/n/s buttons to move a selected brick.
  7. Selecting an unwanted brick and pressing the delete button will remove the brick.
  8. Don't forget you have a variety of colors to choose from for each brick!
  9. Always click on Done to save your house.

Marty Buildenhammer works for Building Blocks Construction as the head foreman for their City Hall restoration project. He has just built his own house in Myville, and in the future he hopes to write a series of construction and home-improvement articles for the Times. Building Blocks Construction is a Myville company.


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