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Just For Fun

This is Chloe here with a very controversial subject. Marriage and Children - People, can I ask some questions before you all go dissing marriage and babies on Whyville? Is Whyville a real place on Planet Earth? Is this place a city in California? Uh, no, if you're thinking yes.

So let me think, is the marriage real? Are you bound to the person for the rest of your life if you marry them? Are you really "getting jiggy with it" and having kids? No NO NOOO!!! So, I have no reason to say that marriage or kids is wrong. You're just a little face on the 'Net that no one really knows, but who cares? Marriage is just for fun. So are kids.

Bye bye!


Making Memories

Married people here in Whyville have different thoughts on life. Many enjoy just walking around town with their husband or wife. Others like to think back to their wedding days. If want to learn more about them just keep on reading.

Some couples like to walk around town and talk when they can't meet in person. Also, they enjoy having parties at their houses and live the wild life. Is this how you thought they lived?

Married couples have many fond memories about their weddings. Everyone I asked said their favorite part was the kiss. The least favorite part was meeting their husband or wife's parents. Every married couple here in Whyville can remember their wedding.


Safe, not Sorry

Relationships: many people feel the need to have boyfriends and girlfriends on-line. I think that's cool and all, but some of the stuff I've seen is ridiculous!

Its happened to me -- some desparate boy comes in and says, "All the single ladies say

Then there are others that if you say no they either curse you out or harrass you to death! What's up with that!?

Haven't you girls heard of "CHILD PREDATORS"???? These guys can be stalkers for all you know!

The b/f and g/f thing is getting ridiculous! You don't ask a girl out because her face looks good! or vise versa! We need to lay off on the relationships and especially the marriges!!!


Love with Reason

Hi, this is Ash1987 reporting again.

I have been getting a lot of Y-mail about my article on weddings in Whyville. Some of it hate mail and some of it "like" mail.

I understand what you are going through if you are married at Whyville. You want to live the whole Whyville reality world, which is fine by me. Just be careful, ya know?

No one in whyville is dressed like they normally look like. Like for instance, take my lovely little whyicon out... at the time I'm writing this article, I have black hair, black black black all over me.... Do you realize, in my family, I am not allowed to wear black at all... unless of course it's a funeral or something.

Also, I am not very very Christian so the cross isn't supposed to be there. But I thought it was cool so I bought it, and those lips... I never wore lipstick for a day in my life. This is just fake... I like to pretend I'm goth it's fun.

Just, please, when you talk to your sweetie on Whyville tonight... remember: He/she may be the fat, 34 year old, loser sitting next door. So love with reason... love for sure, don't take chances.



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