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My Whyville Diary

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My Whyville Diary

Whyville Storyteller

This story was inspired by the actual experiences of three friends of mine when they signed up for Whyville and took their first look around at the place that would soon become their second home...

Whyville. The word caught my interest. I clicked on the colorful link displayed on the computer screen and was transported to a new site, and almost a new world. The page on the screen interested me even more. Make clams and build a home? I had no clue what they were talking about, so of course, I registered a new username (crazygurl2005) and logged in.

I found myself in a new place, full of bustling Whyvillians, all looking beautiful and confident, talking among crowds of old-time friends. It was Whyville Square, and listening to the conversations between the more popular Whyville citizens, I suddenly felt out of place. No one would talk to me.

I told a girl I liked her sunglasses, and she moved away from me toward the other side of the street, toward a group of her friends, all looking chic, sophisticated and totally confident. There was a cute boy standing next to me, and whenever I moved, he would follow me. Suddenly, I felt a rush of hope. Maybe he... liked me?

The next second, I new I was wrong. A red paintball was flung at me, followed by snowballs and frowns and mudballs. It was humiliating. I looked like an abstract painting. Him and his friends decided that it would be fun to start a projectile fight, since they knew I had no clams for projectiles to fight back with.

I decided I'd try another room. The Pool Party seemed nice, and it was full of people who were chatting with one another. Looking at myself compared to the other girls in the pool party, I was embarrassed. The parts Grandma had given me weren't cutting it. In fact, I looked like a drugged, sixty year-old man.

I began to Y-mail everyone in the room, asking them for clams. After I finished Y-mailing everyone, I was hopeful. I had sent about twenty messages. That would definitely get me a lot of clams to start off with. After an hour, I counted up the replies I had received.

Three. I was disappointed of course, but decided to read them. One said: "Sorry, I don't have that many clams myself. I'll try to give you some when I get paid tomorrow." Another said: "Yeah riiite! Like I would loan a newbie clams! Earn them like all the rest of us did!" And the last one: "Sure, I'll ClamGram you forty clams. Hope that's enough!"

To my surprise, the girl actually did send me forty clams, as well as Xllent Blonde Hair and a pretty pink shirt that went perfectly together. I replied and thanked the generous sender and then headed for the Pool Party again, to show off my new face.

People actually seemed to notice me. Two boys actually came up to me and asked me out. None of them were cute, but it was fun flirting. I joined in conversations and got second in a beauty contest. It was almost unreal. I won thirty clams from the contest, and received more clam donations from friends and family.

Yes, I did say family. The next day, I was adopted by my current mommy, who introduced me to my brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. I had millions of new friends, and I actually did feel as though I had a Whyville family.

That week, everything went by in a rush. I found a boyfriend and introduced him to my mother at our house. We got married at the City Hall auditorium, which was packed with my new relatives and friends.

Now, three months later, everything has been going just as great, and if possible, better. I won more beauty contests, adopted my own children and even opened up a company along with three of my sisters. Whyville is my second home, equipped with friends, family, and countless new people to meet and things to experience.


I'd like to thank my three inspirations for writing this. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me and allowing me to write an article on them.

This is xLiLcHiCa signing off!



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