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Clow Card Love, Part III

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Clow Card Love, Part III

Whyville Storyteller

Note: This story, including Part I and Part II, was written by Astro's brother.

"Hello, Tori." Natasha kissed Tori firmly on the lips.

"Hey, Natasha. How's it go'n?"

"Fine with you around."

"I'm glad."

The Mirror smiled at the sight of having Tori nearby. She almost melted into his arms. Sakura sat from a far distance.

"I'm going to go get some food. You want any?"

Natasha shook her head and Tori left.

"All right," said Sakura. "Illusion, create the image of Tori in the eyes of Mirror but another boy in the eyes of Tori!"

Red sparks flew and floated, gathering its strength toward the misguided Clow Card. "Hello, Natasha."

"Back so soon?"

"Yea, I wasn't hungry anymore."

"That's nice." Natasha held Tori and kissed him firmly again. She savored the moment. Suddenly, she saw another Tori.

She quickly reflected light into the image, blinding the Illusion and sending it back into Sakura's hand.

"Darn it!" shouted Sakura.

"Hey, Natasha."

The Mirror hugged him for a split second and looked into his eyes.

"Wow, what was that for?" he asked.

"For being the sweetest guy I've ever known."

"It's nice to hear."


"Darn it!" shouted Sakura.

"This is not going to be easy, Sakura. True love can be a very hard thing to break. Especially if you're a Clow Card."

"Well, Kero, I guess then I have one choice to make."

"Please tell me that this isn't going to be crazy."

"I'm going to call Li."

"I knew it."

Sakura bladed home and dialed up Li.


"Hey Li, this is Sakura, I may need your help."

"*sigh*, what is it?"

"I can't catch a card."

"*sigh* Okay, what card, do you know?"

"The Mirror is in love with my brother."

"Sakura, this may be tricky. Love can overpower all magic. We may need to try to break them up. Have you tried using the Illusion?"

"Yes, on Tori and on the Mirror."

"Then we may have to attack her with force."


"We may need to stop time. With the Time Card, it can be possible to capture the Mirror."

"I'll meet you now at the High School, Li."

"I'll catch you there."


Natasha sat in Math Class sitting next to Tori. She didn't bother listening but only paying attention to Tori. Li hid on the windowsill while Sakura sat next to him in one of Madison's outfits, blue ruffles with green wings like butterflies. Madison shot out the camera while the Sleep card finished its job outside.

"Now, Mizz Natasha, can you please write the problem on the board?" asked the teacher.

The Mirror sat up and with her knowledge finished the problem. "I must say Mizz Natasha. I don't believe I've ever seen anybody simplify an equation like that. You must have been well brought up."


"Sakura, we may need to act now. I'll call the time. Time Card! Freeze Time!" Green rays shot out as soccer players and birds froze in place. Everyone froze except for Sakura, Li, Madison, Kero and the Mirror.

"Sakura," whispered the Mirror. The Mirror was about to reflect the light all around finding that not one trace of light was in the room.

"Well done Shadow!" Sakura watched as the Shadow card surrounded the entire building with darkness. The Mirror started for the door finding that somehow that the door would not open. The lock card completely bolted the door shut.

"Now Sakura!" Li shouted. Sakura dashed for the door and opened it letting in small traces of light. The Mirror tried to reflect but the Shadow knocked it from her.

"Mirror! Return to your power--" Shards of glass began to fire directly at Sakura. "Glow Card! Release and dispel!" Sakura had never released so many cards at once. Sakura could spot the glass from the Mirror's Broken Mirror.

"Shield Card! Protect me from the Mirror!" Sakura dashed right towards The Mirror. "Mirror! Release and Dis-" The Mirror looked down putting up one finger for a waiting. She went up to the frozen Tori and kissed him passionately on the lip. She stared at his open eyes and dropped several tears.

Sakura could not capture the card. She patted the Mirror on the back. The Mirror became ready. She took one last look at Tori and dropped one last tear onto his head. She nodded and went outside. "Li! Tell Time to reverse the magic off of Tori!"


"Just do it." Li did and Tori began to move. Tori and the Mirror were isolated in the room with only the Glow card inside.


"I am not Natasha Tori."

"You sure look like her."

"I am not." She cried into his arms sobbing, "I wish can I can explain but I could not. I will never see you again Tori."

"What do you mean?"

"I have to go."

"What?! You can't leave me!"

"I am sorry but I have no other choice."

"I'll come with you then."

"You can't, trust me."

"Tori forced the Mirror out of his arms. He looked into her eyes as she looked back. Tori kissed her for several seconds and looked back. "One day I will find you."

"The Mirror pecked him on the cheek and suddenly Tori froze in time again. "Are you ready?" asked Sakura.

The clow card nodded. She looked at Tori once more and suddenly began to shake. Beams flew from each of her sides as they all lead from the bottom of her dress to the top of her head. As the rays grew and suddenly swallowed her up, a new card appeared.

Sakura captured it and looked at the card. Below it read, "The Love."


Sakura placed it on the table and released it. "I will make a deal with you. I'll release you to see Tori but you must promise that you'll return." The Card smiled so greatly and was overwhelmed. She hugged Sakura. Sakura stepped out of the room calling back all of her cards. Li reversed Time and all returned to normal.

"Natasha?" Tori asked, "I could have sworn that you were leaving."

"You must have been dreaming. I could never leave you." And ever since then, the Mirror and Tori were always at each other's side.....

The End



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