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Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

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Hello Whyvillians!

Have you been wondering about the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA? Are you excited? Well, after waiting for two hours on Thursday, June 14, 2007, just four days after it's opening, I, Eric5675 rode the submarines!

The ride starts out as if you were on an expedition with NEMO, which stands for Nautical Exploration and Marine Observation, observing an under water volcano eruption. On your way, you see Nemo's friends looking for him with occasional glimpses of Nemo. You also encounter jellyfish, divers, and many other sea creatures.

There is a lot of new technology in the new ride. The characters from the movie are not audio animatronics, or robots, like the pirates in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. They are projections. The special effects were great, and the queue was excellent. Disney used plants to create a planter that looked like seaweed. The subs have been completely remodeled. They have air conditioning, new seats, and electric motors instead of diesel. The outsides have been completely re-painted with yellow, blue, and black. Six out of the eight subs have been renamed. The ride is now twelve minutes instead of eight. The showroom, or part where you go in under the waterfall has been extended. Finally, buoy with the sea gulls that yell "Mine! Mine" in the movie is in the front of the lagoon, where they can be seen from the shore.

All in all, this ride was great! I recommend that if you go to Disneyland anytime soon, this is a must see attraction. If you are handicapped and are in a wheel chair or cannot climb stairs you can still see the ride. Since the subs were built before ADA requirements, they are not wheel chair accessible, but there is a new room where you can experience the exact same ride while staying in your wheel chair. Be warned, however, that the subs load and unload very slowly, so there may be a long line, even if there aren't many people.

May you have fun exploring the seas!



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