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An Interview with Jupiter

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Hey it's mokey6! I am here to talk about the great and fantastic planet of Jupiter. So I hope you enjoy this article on Jupiter, with a little twist of fun mixed in.

Jupiter is my personal favorite planet known to man, (and women). So wouldn't you like to talk with one of your favorite people? Or things? Well that is just what I did! I went out, and interviewed the one, and the only Jupiter! So here is what happened in the interview:

Mokey6: So what is it like being the biggest planet?
Jupiter: Oh man, it's good. Saturn is always saying stuff like he's so cool with his ring that is bigger than the other rings around the planets. So it is nice to have something against him.

Mokey6: I heard you and Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn form a group. What's that about?
Jupiter: (laughs) Well you heard right. We form a group of the gas planets.

Mokey6: So what did you think when you found out Pluto was not a planet?
Jupiter: Oh, I knew it all along. Pluto did not seem to be the same as the rest of us.

Mokey6: What is one thing you hate about your formation?
Jupiter: I really don't like all the clouds around me. It makes it hard for people to really see me.

Mokey6: Could you tell me about your great red spot?
Jupiter: Of course. My great red spot is a non-cyclonic storm that is bigger than Earth! It has been there since at least 1831, and maybe even since 1665.

At this time I had to go. So I hope you enjoyed the interview.

This was mokey6! Good bye!


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