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Animal Abuse

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I'm here to talk to you about animal abuse! I thought I should write about this because my class is doing a service learning project on animal abuse. Animal abuse is if you are cruel or mean to an animal. Some examples of animal abuse is not spaying or neutering your animals, not giving your animals fresh food/water, not giving then an identification tag, and most importantly not loving.

Now on to animal shelters. What are animal shelters any way? Animal shelters are places where they take in abused/abandoned animals. A very popular shelter is the SPCA. The SPCA stands for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Most cities have an SPCA. Animal shelters are non-profit organizations. That means all the money they get is for animal care and supplies. Shelters depend strongly on your donations. Some things you could donate are old towels and blankets, dog toys, and money. Shelters also love volunteers too!

Thousands and thousands of animals are abused day after day and how would you like it if someone kicked you five times a day? Even if you bought your next pet at an animal shelter you would make one animal's life better. I got my Jack Russell at my local animal shelter and she is an awesome pet. If they come from a shelter they are cheaper and they are still an awesome pet. Just because they are from a animal shelter or a bad life before that doesn't change them. Sure, some dogs do get mean and aggressive but if they were very aggressive the shelter and then they can became a security protection dog!

Puppies vs Dogs

Maybe you don't have much time and are really busy. Then you better off with a small adult dog. You need a small adult dog because if you are busy puppies are a lot of work. You probably want a small one too because you don't have to walk very far.

You might have a lot of time and energy! Then a puppie is good for you!!

Responsible pet owners are important. So to become a responsible pet owner you spay or neuter your pet. Your pet needs fresh water and food every day just like use. They need grooming and bathing too. Your pet needs identification so if they get lost people know where they belong. Regular shots and vet care like us too. What I am trying to say is that they need pretty much the same care we need!

So I hope you learned something and make sure you take good care of your pets and love them!! If you have questions Y-mail me! Thanks for reading :).



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