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Do you love to write more than anything in the world? Have you ever had fantasies that one day you would become a world-famous author? Well, I share those dreams too. I also used to think that I was unable to write a story, because I had a low self-esteem when it came to writing. However, now I am sure that my future will involve my name on a book, because I realized how to write a story that will make almost anyone scream, "Publish it now!"

Writing a story that good definitely takes a lot of work, but it is not anywhere near impossible. Here are a few tips to make it easier to write an amazing story.

Start small. You may want to publish a book right away, but you should not quite yet. Start off with a short story, then get the stories gradually longer and longer. Besides, you are still young! You have your entire life to publish a book! I am working on a few stories that will be around book length when they are finished, but I am not even worrying about publishing until I am much older.

Walk the road less traveled. If you want to write a story about a boy and his best friend hanging out, let the story have a point where something terrible happens, and they must figure out how to get out of danger! Make a story unique and different by mixing it up, so people like it more!

Have a bird's-eye view. Describe things like you were describing them to someone who is blind. Make it so that people can easily picture the scene in their head.

Be inventive. Why should you use names like Alison and Alisha? Instead, think of new names like Aliana and Yiashia. The same concept can be used for just about anything, so be creative!

Make writing exercises for yourself. If you have a bad case of writer's block, then make it go away by using a writing exercise. A writing exercise is something that a good writer uses to sharpen their writing talents. Writing exercises can be just about anything, from on purposely writing a terrible story, to writing sentences using certain words. Anything works, and you will probably be over your writer's block in no time!

These tips are just a few of the ways that you can sharpen your writing talents and make a great story. Writing is something that most people can do, but almost no one likes to. The few people who like it can become a great writer by working hard, using these tips, and being creative. Whatever you do though, keep on writing and loving it!


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