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Ocean Resources

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Ocean Resources

Astro25 & Astro26
Guest Writers

Hey everybody. I'm Astro25 and Astro26. Don't matter. I'm bored.

I'm not sure if you know but our oceans are being killed to death thanks to us "Humans". Did you know that 60% of all marine life used for food is being over-fished? Didn't think so.

In 1950, 20 million tons -- tons! -- of fish were caught. You wanna know how many fish were caught in 1995? I'll give you a hint, the number is not lower. In 1995 we caught just about over 90 million tons of fish.

That is more than all of Whyville can eat. Just think, with a population of a nearly 90,000 people and rising, we cannot eat that many fish in less than a week, not even in a month, and sooner or later, that fish is going to go bad, and then my friends, yes my friends! then we can only use the leftovers for fertilizer. LoL.

Okay, anyway, just think how much the catch rate has gone up to now. Well I have no clue what it really is but I could tell you that it may reach up to a million tons more. Not only is the catching going high, but the pollution killing the fish is going higher each day. Three days of trash from Los Angeles County could fill up Dodger Stadium, and for those who have visited Dodger Stadium, thaz a lot.

Just think about the whole United States! We could fill the Atlantic Ocean in about a week or a day extra and I tell you, we are going to live in a stinky world if my cousins keep throwing away their socks. My cousin plays soccer and rips them sometimes.

Coral reefs are at your mercy too if you keep throwing your boat anchors into the water. Just think. Picture yourself like this. You're on a boat, and beneath you the coral are ready to set down on their end of the ocean and throw their floating-yet-one-ton anchor into the sky. It hits you in the head and you have a 7 year concussion, or you die. Whoo!!! Just think, rain'n anchors!

Well, I'm sleepy cause it's about 12:00 where I'm from. Just think, become a vegetarian and don't eat fish for a while, or maybe try to raid markets on their seafood aisle, or sink all ships and try not to use anchors. Okay now, I have to gum my grandmothers food for her now so see yah!

Note from the Editor: Eh, just to be clear, we think this is a great article, but the Times doesn't recommend any raiding of markets or sinking of ships. I'm sure the Astros were just kidding...



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