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Whyville & LIFE II

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Whyville & LIFE II

Guest Writer

In my short time in Whyville, I have recognized the things that I know very well from the outside world being brought into the world of Whyville, as I mentioned in my last article. Today I will discuss, in depth, one of the things I mentioned in that article: relationships.

People in Whyville try to have every relationship known to them from the outside world, from mother, to girlfriend, to husband, to son and so on. I guess people are trying to satisfy the need that is natural to every human being. That need is the need to be loved.

Though some of us find these people almost naturally here on Whyville, others do not have so much luck. They go around begging people to take them on as their son, their girlfriend, their wife, as do many people in the real world.

Many of you may know the boy or girl, in reality or on Whyville, who wants a friend or partner so badly he/she asks anyone and everyone to be that special someone. As you may have already realized yourself, these people are often discarded as freaks, geeks, and losers before anyone even gives them a chance to be their friend.

This is where the bad stuff comes in. These relationships become hatred, and these "rejects" are tackled by so much pain and disgust it drives them over the edge. On Whyville, it leads to hacking, cursing, and name-calling. In the real world, it leads to loneliness, suicide, and bloodshed.

In closing, I would like to ask a favor of you that I know you have been asked to do before. Say hi to someone whom no one is talking to, inside or outside of Whyville. Make them feel needed, feel special. Your little bit of kindness could make a world of a difference. That's the connection.

Keep shinin'!

LindseyLu (Linds)

P.S. As I walk around our town, I notice many people talking about their boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, and enemies. Write to the Times about how your experiences in Whyville may relate to the ones outside, and we can keep this conversation goin'!



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