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Friends Forever - A Tribute

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Friends Forever - A Tribute

As I began,
early in June,
didn't know what to 'spect'
I found out soon.
I clicked the mouse,
where did it land?
On this place called Whyville,
now I understand.
You're supposed to learn,
things like in school,
but I learned something,
much more cool.
I learned the value of friendships,
great and small,
No matter how old,
short, or tall.
Friendships began to start,
one friend at a time,
Until I learned,
these friends were mine.
Yesterday it hit me,
I go home Friday,
So I began my good-byes,
which took all day.
I'll be gone for a while,
but not quitting no way,
Not yesterday, today, next month,
or the next day.
I hope that my friends,
Will not forget me,
for the lesson I've learned,
Is to much to see.
I've learned this one thing,
Friendships, the ROCK,
you create a bond,
you hope will LOCK.
To Tasha who always made me smile,
To Heather, who just takes awhile (:-D)
To Katie, my bff you'll always be,
To Beth, a gymnast, or a mini me,
To Chloe who's name I'll never forget,
To Phil, who still I haven't met,
To Sunshine, who I helped from a newbie face,
to my dear old friend who's name is Grace,
To Jennie, and Trent, Michael, and Nik,
I'll miss you all, our friendship will stick,
I'll see you all soon,
until then I'll member,
all the times at the platz,
we all had together.

* I miss you guys already, love always -- (lilluvbug)



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