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Hello Whyvillians, I'm here today to talk about a terrible tragedy that is happening right here on Earth. It's called pollution. I think it is a major issue that the government has not fully looked into yet, and that it is slowly destroying Earth as we know it!

I talked to three Whyvillians and asked them questions about pollution that and how they felt about it.

First, I talked to the one and only Pnik.

Play2live: How do you feel about pollution?
Pnik: I think it's a problem that's unaddressed but is really important to our survival in the end.
Play2live: What do you think are some major issues that we should solve that has to do with pollution?
Pnik: The poor air quality in our cities that affect the people's lives negatively.
Play2live: Last question, what do you think are simple things people should do to help prevent pollution?
Pnik: Just using common sense and paying attention to the problem.
Play2live: Thank you for your time! :D

Next i interviewed OMGLillie.

Play2live: How do you feel about pollution?
OMGLillie: It's scarey, a lot of things are happening to the environment and it's affecting us negatively.
Play2live:What do you think are some main pollution problems?
OMGLillie: Exhaust from cars, oil spills, littering, (and the list went on....)
Play2live: What do you think we should do to try and stop pollution?
OMGLillie: I think we should use more things that are environmentally friendly, like hybrid cars, solar energy, etc.
Play2live: Thank you for your time! :D

Finally i Interviewed Katyabs.

Play2live: How do you feel about pollution?
Katyabs: I feel that pollution is bad for the environment and that it supports global warming.
Play2live: What do you think are some major things being caused by pollution?
Katyabs: The trash of people littering.
Play2live: What do you think every day citizens should do to prevent it?

Katyabs then had to go so the question was then answered by Safetyp1n.

Safetyp1n: I think they should conserve things that are less useful instead of using them for security.

I thank everyone who gave me their time for this interview and I hope that more people will stop waiting for other people to try and change what pollution is doing because if you are one of those people waiting, guess what -- you're not the only one.

Signing off, it's play2live going to eat the rest of his Toaster Strudel.
Have a good Day!


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