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Review: Surf's Up

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Surf's up dudes, let's go catch some major swells! This is Nolegirl6, reviewing the movie Surf's Up. So who's getting tired of all of the penguin movies lately? I know my family has. But this movie isn't just any ordinary penguin movie. It's somewhat like a documentary; it has the story, but then it will take time away from the story to interview the characters.

To me, it seems more like the penguins are people, because they're surfing, and it's based on a real person. This is an animated movie rated PG. It is about an hour and a half long, and if you like surfing, penguins, or comedy movies, I suggest this movie for you.

This story is about a penguin named Cody Maverick. Cody was born small as a child, and his brother was born big. Like any typical brother situation, the older brother, Glen, was always picking on Cody. Cody's dream of being a surfer just like Big Z, his hero who had given him a necklace in person. Everyone was always teasing Cody of this dream. But when a surfing contestant search comes to Shiverpool, Cody works extremely hard, and gets taken with the contestant search. When they get to the island, Peng Cove, they will all be competing in the Big Z Memorial Surfing Contest, in honor of the great surfer who died in a contest.

The main voices in this movie were Shia LaBeouf (Cody Maverick), Jeff Bridges (Big Z/ Geek), Zooey Deschanel (Lani [the lifeguard]), Jon Heder (Chicken Joe), James Woods (Reggie [the host of the Big Z Memorial]), and Mario Cantone (Mike [the contestant search])

When I went to the movie theater on opening night, I thought I was just going to see some ordinary penguin movie, that I have seen too many of. But as I started watching the movie, I realized it wasn't a normal penguin movie. The fact that SPEN (parody of ESPN), was going through and asking all of the characters about what was happening right there in the story, which they had taken a break from. My favorite part, well actually I have two favorite parts, is when (as you may have seen in trailers) the little penguin, Arnold, keeps going into the water and drowning, and the lifeguard has to keep rescuing him. My other favorite part is when Tank, a huge penguin who has won the Big Z Memorial 9 years in a row, and has a major ego, shows SPEN his trophies. My least favorite part was watching the contestant search trying to get rid of Cody. My favorite characters were the three little penguins who were being interviewed, and kept giving some pretty funny answers.

To find out what other people thought, I interviewed 2005cuti.

Nolegirl6: Did you think this movie was too much like the other penguin movies?
2005Cuti: Yeah, it was sorta lame.
Nolegirl6: What was your favorite part of the movie?
2005Cuti: When the penguin Cody, fell off the wave, I laughed so hard.
Nolegirl6: What was your least favorite thing about the movie?
2005Cuti: I didn't like the documentary part, it was a lot like the show Kyle XY.
Nolegirl6: Who was your favorite character?
2005Cuti: The Chicken!!! (Chicken Joe). He was so funny.

What will happen on this island? You will have to watch the movie to find out.

This is Nolegirl6, heading down to the beach to catch some gnarly swells. See ya next time dudes!


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