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It's alright to admit it: We've all sat down with a gossip magazine at one point in our lives, whether it was shoved down our throats by our older sisters, or read by our own choice, there is something about magazines like People, Star and US Weekly that gets us. Maybe it's the juicy info about the latest trends, or the tabloids, we get hooked.

It's a sad situation when we know more about Brad and Angelina than we do about the war in Iraq.

Lately, celebrities' personal lives have become a huge rush to kids and teens world. I just don't get it: Why are we so interested in who they are seeing, who's going into rehab, or who's adopting the next kid? It's their lives, should it really matter?

Celebrity obsessed. There is no other way to describe it. Movie stars aren't the only ones getting mobbed by paparazzi; it's almost anyone who's had a tidbit of fame in their life. Do you see all the embarrassing pictures of celebrities in the magazines? What great length do you think someone went to get that picture? What was the cost? They invaded a person's private space and followed them to see where they went for a few days. They recorded everything they did: no big deal? Yeah, right.

The horrible thing about this celebrity obsession is that there isn't much we can do to stop it. It's the big companies that send out reporter and photographers to grab the latest news, and unless any of us 15 year-olds have a high position at the Sun then I'm not sure we can change this wave that has come over the world.

It's not like we can boycott gossip magazines; that would never work. The catch about them is that they are so fun to read! Why? Does it make us feel better about ourselves? Is it something to do, to laugh at these celebrities' expense?

Even though girls tend to lean most towards these magazines, guys do, too!

Imagine this: You get home after a night out with your friends at some hip club in LA. You're groggy from sleep deprivation and frayed from the pursuit of endless youth. God frayed, but frayed nonetheless. You walk up the steps to your apartment, when you hear someone behind you. There are photographers, two or three of them, and the flashbulbs pop as they take pictures. You shield your face with your hand, and trip up the walk. You're hands fumble with the keys before you finally open the door, and slip into the darkness of the lobby. Finally, you get some peace and quiet. You shake your head disappointedly as you still here shouting outside your apartment. Would those guys ever give it up?

Even though it looks like being a rock star, or movie sweetheart would be the best thing ever, it's a lot harder than it looks. I won't even get into things like the actual movies or albums coming out, I'm just talking about the press. People wonder why so many celebs crack or go to rehab. Part of it might be the pressure of the whole star business, and the fact that everything they do is on camera, or in the tabloids the next day. It must be hard for them, don't you think. Knowing that (if you were a big-budget star such as Jennifer Garner of Lindsay Lohan) if you want to go down the block for some Thai that there would be people buzzing around you constantly. You aren't treated the same if people see your face on the screen, or on the front cover of a platinum CD. We want to think that celebrities are "just like us" but have you had paparazzi follow you around at your mall date at the plaza? I hope not.

So, what can we do about it? Nothing really; just be aware of the hardships that these stars have to go through, and next time you pick up People, to know in the back of your mind what the stars had to deal with for these "confidential" pictures to be taken.

Celebrity obsessions: Will it ever end?



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