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Have some of you noticed that a lot of people can never get a plot? Well, now you should! I don't have a plot because there are never any ones for sale. You all who read this should try to help people get their own plot. I think everyone should get a plot right when they sign on the next time. Or, at least make a new town to put people who don't have a plot.

Whyville should have noticed a long time ago that all those people that join Whyville are homeless. Also, what is the point of buying bricks if you don't have a plot to put them on? I think this is a problem and it should be fixed! Other Whyvillians, help the homeless get new plots, write to the Whyville Times about it!


Guest Writer

I have something to say! I am new and I have asked many people how to get a plot, but no one really knows how. I read an article where someone said how they wake up on Thursday as early as 4:00 in the morning for a plot and Whyville says they??re out of plots. I really don??t think this is fair to newbies or even old Whyvillians. This is an article for the newspaper that I think everyone should read and reply to me because I know many of you will agree with this.


Speaking for Whyville?

'Sup Whyville? Ok, I don't know about the rest of you peeps without plots, but I've had enough of waiting. I have written a petition that I will keep putting up until it becomes a poll. I don't think it??s fair that some people get plots and others don't.

My petition is called WHYVILLE DEMANDS!, and this is what it says:

    Enough is enough. We have asked politely one too many times for more plots, and well, now I'm demanding more plots. Sharing homes is a hassle, and I??d rather have full control over my own home. People that have been in Whyville longer have an advantage over the new people, because landlords are making a lot of clams only because they have a plot and some of us don't. Please sign even if you already have a plot, because I don't think you'd like it if you were someone that did not have a plot. Thanks...
So go to the Poll Booth and sign my petition, ok?


Guest Writer

Every time I go to get a plot, they tell me they??re fresh out of plots, and it tells people to come back Thursday at 9:15a.m. So, I go there then, and there are still no plots. I had a idea: when you start out, you should get a plot, and they should give everybody a plot that doesn't already have a plot, so everyone can build a house.


Guest Writer

When I first came to Whyville, I went to check out all the houses. I sent comments to the Whyvillians whose homes they were, and they mostly responded in a proper manner. But I found a lot of people that have... attitudes. They said, what were you doing in my house?? So I went along with that and ignored them, but what I am trying to say, is that the plots are way too hard to get! When I started to build my house, I went to the land office, and then I met "Bob", and he said that there were no plots left, but plots usually opened on Thursdays. So I went to the Land Office once more on Thursday and then I met "Bob" again, and guess what? No plot!

So I figure, to make things easier and Whyville friendlier, we could share houses, but, I know how picky some Whyvillians can be. BUT, I thought of a plan to let Akbar's Face Factory (or we can open up a new store, and have someone create a little doll or something to stay behind the counter) to create keys for the houses. You are probably thinking, what are the keys for? Well, you can make a key for about 7 or 6 clams, and buy the second pair (spares) for 4 clams. And then you can give the spare keys to your friends or people you let into your house, and you can also have 2 or 3 roommates so that the plots are easy to get for newbies or some people who want to get a house. I mean, on the other hand, I am having a frustrating time getting a plot.

So, my conclusion is, I have two good reasons to share plots: 1) You make new friends and Whyville will be friendlier, and 2) The plots will be easier to get. And for the keys. I have one reason: 1) So people won't be fussing about these things!



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