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Review: The Acorn People

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I know some of you out there don't like reading really long books. Well then you are in luck. This book is about 75 pages, and it is a quick read you can read in about one day. This is Nolegirl6, back with another review, this time of "The Acorn People" by Ron Jones.

This book is about a boy who is in his college years. For a few weeks over the summer, he is working at a camp for disabled kids. He and his co-counselor have five boys in their cabin. They all have to go through many obstacles, including a three mile hike, and make a very great friendship. All of the counselors at the camp have made it more fun for these kids to be at this camp. They do things like not following the schedule, teaching archery, having a cooking class, and singing songs around a campfire at night.

What I think about this book is really hard to put into words. I thought it was great that these college students, and these kids of about 10 became such good friends. I also thought the book was really sad, but it wasn't until the end. The sad part comes down hard, and is only told in one page. You absolutely must read the Epilogue, that is where the saddest part is. I give this book a four star rating, because it was interesting, but like all books had its boring parts.

To find out what other people thought about this book, I interviewed Cactus007.

Nolegirl6: If you were to give this book a one-five star rating, what would you give it?
Cactus007: I would give it a 4 1/2, because it was a really touching story, but there were some boring and uninteresting parts, which made it hard to continue reading, at least while staying interested, that is.
Nolegirl6: Without giving the book away, what would you say was your favorite part of this book?
Cactus007: My favorite part was probably at the parent show, when everyone was performing for the parents Though I did really like the part where the Acorn People hiked the mini-mountain, and Spider was naming everything in sight.
Nolegirl6: Without giving the book away, what would you say was your least favorite part?
Cactus007: My least favorite part was the very beginning, when all of the campers were arriving, because nothing really exciting ever happened.
Nolegirl6: Would you recommend this book to someone? Why?
Cactus007: I would absolutely recommend this book to a somebody, the story is mainly interesting and is most of the time a real page-turner.
Nolegirl6: Well thank you for the great interview.
Cactus007: No problem, I was glad to help.

To find out how this story ends, you will need to read it. This is Nolegirl6, signing off, with another review.


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