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The Shocking Truth

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The Shocking Truth

Guest Writer

Hi, this is ruffy here, and I want to talk to you about doing your part in the Whyville community. I recently conducted a survey, about how active Whyvillians are in our community.

My poll sounded like this, in case you weren't there:

"EVERY1, PRESS 123 if you??re with Operation Tito, 456 if you read Times, 123456 if both, 789 if neither."

Eleven people participated in my poll. Here are the results:

  • people who pressed 123: 0
  • people who pressed 456: 4
  • people who pressed 123456: 1
  • people who pressed 789: 6

Yes, in the lead are the people who don't read our Times. I understand those people not being in with Operation Tito. But what I don't understand are the people who read the Times, but aren't with Operation Tito. (In case you're wondering, I myself am not included in the vote. I would vote 456, only because my dad says to stay on Whyville ?? something about an illegal link on another site... whoops. I'm off track...)

And 6 out of the 11 aren't even Times readers! Ouch! How can they even know what's going on??

And then I got an idea. How about a plan to get more people reading the Times... how can we manage a solution? How about short newsletters? Saying quick things to be sent out to all the Y-mail boxes? Or, a person must read the Times once a month or more, or will be cut off chat privileges?

Those are just ideas, but more, and more, and more peeps don't read the Times. What is our town to do? Stay tuned for a follow up report!

till then,




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