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Today I'm proud to say I interviewed a very unique designer! You all know her as, Gasohp. The thing that interests me the most about her face parts are that they are so different and colorful! When I saw her face parts I said to myself, "Wow! They are truly extraordinary!" So take time to get inside Gasohp's Mind!

megmeg9: How did you hear about Whyville?
Gasohp: I heard about it from my sister!
megmeg9: Cool! When did you start making face parts?
Gasohp: I started about in 2006, but only two of my noses I made got accepted.
megmeg9: I'm sorry to hear that. Is there anything that inspired your creations? If yes, who or what?
Gasohp: My sister's clothes and shows I watch mainly inspired me.
megmeg9: You sister must have unique clothes! Do you have any favorite face parts of yours? If yes, what are they?
Gasohp:I really like "ahh a snake was in my face" (that same day a snake was right in front of me),"kool aid spill xD inside joke", and "moo Canadian oreos shan".

megmeg9: Sadly, I couldn't find a picture of "Ahh a Snake was in my face". Do you have any favorite face part designers? If yes, who?
Gasohp: I love alison423's shirts and hair. Yargpixie and ducky464 are so creative.
megmeg9: They are all very talented face part designers! Do you have any tips for your fans out there on how to make a good face part?
Gasohp: Keep at it! Don't give up! My first shirts took like 2 hours to make. When you erase do it in one swift movement then touch it up.
megmeg9: Very nice tip! Were there any struggles or challenges you had to overcome?
Gasohp: The shaping for the neck was really hard until i got it ;D
megmeg9: I bet it was! Do you think you will continue to restock and make face parts?
Gasohp: Of course I will restock when my parts get sold out...Unless I'm broke LoL.

I'm so glad Gasohp will continue on restocking! I hope you got to know this interesting designer!

This is Meg, signing off!


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