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So many of you have probably heard of rochrox. Maybe for her face part design, or for her column all about Canada in the Times, maybe you've seen her around the Newbie center helping people out, or maybe, like me, rochrox is a friend of yours!

Rochrox, AKA roch, is an awesome person, and one of my best friends in real life. She was elected as Grade 8 class rep on student council at our school, and has a seriously high IQ. She is a great friend to everyone, including Whyvillians.

Roch has made many contributions to Whyville, she is a y-mail helper, a street team member, a face part designer, a Times columist, and just great at whatever she tries to do. Rochy signs onto Whyville almost everyday, and is always encouraging me to try new things on Whyville, like writing to the Times or helping me try to find something fun to do!

Roch and I are one grade apart, but we have gone to the same school for about 7 years. We have only been in the same class once, so we didn't become great friends until we became class reps on student council this year.

Roch is so fun, and just as funny, and is an amazing flamingo drawer. Like I said before, she's on Whyville a lot so she's always here to talk to if you need to make some friends! Believe me when I say Roch definitely deserves this week's WITS!


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