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Battle of the Acoustic Guitars Debate

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Hey everyone, girlmusic here. I've decided to go to the Battle of the Guitars and see if any of the guitars would let me interview them, but they seem to be battling it out right now, trying to determine a winner. Let's see what they have to say.

The steel string guitars seem to think that they are better than the classical guitars, just because they can hold out a note longer and because they're bigger.

But the classical guitars are taking a different approach, saying that they don't hurt your fingers as much and they're smaller, which makes them more portable.

We had a five minute recess and I got to interview one of each kind. I first approached a steel-string guitar, nicknamed Steel.

girlmusic: So why do you think steel-string guitars are better than classical guitars?
Steel: We are bigger and tougher, sure you're hands hurt a little bit after playing us, but you'll get used to it. The classical guitars are for people who just can't handle us.
girlmusic: What kind of advantages do you have?
Steel: Well, steel-string guitars are seen more often at concerts and stuff like that. Also, we have a better sound quality, as in our notes don't fade as quickly. The classical guitars think they're sophisticated and everything, when we're the better guitar.
girlmusic: Thank you for your time, and I hope your team does well at the debate.
Steel: You're welcome, and if you every want to buy a steel-string guitar, contact me, I know a guy who sells them cheap.
girlmusic: Okay, I will, now if you don't mind, I have another guitar to interview.

girlmusic: How do you feel the debate is going?
Classy: We are definitely winning, hands down.
girlmusic: What would you say are your advantages?
Classy: Classic guitars don't hurt your fingers as much as those tough steel strings do. We're made out of nylon, like panty hose are. We are also small which makes us more portable.
girlmusic: How would you describe Classical guitars in general?
Classy: Classical guitar simply have more class. We don't go around acting all big and tough. We like helping people do well on the guitar and persuing their dreams.
girlmusic: Thank you for your time and good luck, I'm sure you'll persuade the judges with your great vocabulary.
Classy: Why thank you and if you ever need help with English in school...
Girlmusic: No thank you, I did well in that subject. See you later.

That day I learned a lot about the two different types of Acoustic guitars. I managed to write down a little bit from the debate before someone noticed.

Steel-string: Your notes fade way too quickly, ours are held out longer.
Classical: That may be true, but your strings are too rough on people's hands.
Steel-string: If you can't handle the heat then get out of the kitchen.
Classical: That made absolutely no sense; we're not even close to a kitchen.
Steel-string: It means that we're tougher than you, so deal with it!
Classical: But I believe that we are the better instrument of choice because we are smaller and more portable, even though we're not as well known.
Steel-string: If that is true, why don't I ever see you up on stage?

It seemed to keep going back and forward like that and I couldn't read most of my scribbles. The debate turned out to end in a tie and both teams seemed sad and happy at the same time. Both guitars have their advantages and disadvantages. That day I met two very nice guitars and I don't think that I'll forget them. If you're going to pick one of theses guitars, then look at the facts very carefully.

This is girlmusic saying that I'm definitely going to the next battle of guitars debate and I hope to see you there. Chow.


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