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It's All About Whyville

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unknown author
Whyville Poet


W- Wonderful
H- Happy
Y- Y not visit it?
V- Very Exciting
I- International
L- Loving
L- Likeable
E- Extreme


Whyville Rap Artist

Hey, all ya Whyvillians! Waz up? Oh well, here's a little rap for ya!

We love Whyville
Whyville loves ya too
Help support Whyville
And good things'll come to you
Yea Yea Yea Yea
We love Whyville
Yea Yea Yea Yea


Whyville Poet

My Whyville Life

Hey, Whyvillians, I'll tell you a poem about my Whyville life... here it goes...

My Whyville Life is a BIG thing, not small. I get my salary, and sometimes spend it all. I try to get unique, for instance wearing my same clothes for almost a week! I like to keep things tidy in my Whyville Home, but most people like Luckieboy could care less. I try to tell him, don't take things for granted.

I like to chat and make friends, oh... when does this end? Well, only I know my true self inside. For Newbies, it's not quite easy to adjust. But sometimes I CAN CARE LESS! There are arguments here and there, which for some strange reason they drag me in. I'm trying to raise my salary and all, but my gosh, this wall is getting too TALL. I try to act as happy and friendly as can be. But when I get my free time I'm as busy as a bumble bee.

But in all of that, I'm still a normal kid like everyone else I know. The wall might be standing too TALL! but hey, you have to get over it. Now my true life is a different story. BUT Hey, THAT'S PERSONAL BUSINESS!!!

Thanks for listening,




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