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Inside the Mind: A Scion Owner

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Editor's Note: Please join me in congratulating Megmeg9 on becoming a Whyville Columnist. She has turned her series of articles called "Inside the Mind" into a column interviewing different types of Whyvillians and finding out what really makes them "tick". If you would like to be a columnist email your idea to times@whyville.net. Be sure to include a full length column and ideas for future editions. Columnists are paid 100 clams per column. Congratulations megmeg9!

Hi everyone again! You probably know me from interviewing designers, but now I am starting my own column. Hopefully my column will really let you know what motivates the Whyvillians I interview! I'm not just going to interview designers, or famous Whyvillians, but anyone with a goal, and a positive attitude! So today I am interviewing bbaby1!

Bbaby1, owns a scion, and worked really hard for it, let's see why she had a dream of owning a scion, and how she made her dream reality!

megmeg9: Hi bbaby1, when did you decide that you wanted a scion?
bbaby1: Hey Mae! When I first joined wonderful Whyville, I saw Whyvillians driving their scions around, and I thought "Wow, what is that?" Once I found out that Whyvillians could drive virtual scions, I knew I needed to have one!
megmeg9: And that's when your dream was born! How long did it take you to finally buy a scion?
bbaby1: It took me about a year.
megmeg9: At least, you reached your goal! Did you get your scion by loan, or the old fashioned way, and why?
bbaby1: I got a loan, because I already waited a year and once I heard of Scion Solutions I thought it was a good idea. At first I was a little nervous, because I wasn't so sure that I could pay off the loan, but it's pulling through for me.
megmeg9: I can see why you would be so scared. I hope you can pay off the loan in time, and I'm sure you will! Do you have any tips for Whyvillians who would love to have a scion as much as you did?
bbaby1: It takes patience, but you will succeed if you don't always spend your clams, and stay positive!
megmeg9: I would have to totally agree with you, those are some wonderful tips! How did you get the clams for your scion?
bbaby1: Many ways, by my salary, earning clams by the cafeteria, selling face parts, friends sending generous clam grams, and answering the 100 Month Anniversary Questions right! LoL.
megmeg9: Thank you Whyville for the 100 Month Anniversary Questions! LoL! Seems like you worked very hard for your scion! Are scions really as great as you thought they would be?
bbaby1: In the beginning all you want to do is drive the scion around with your friends but, then they sort of get boring after awhile. They are extremely fun at Scion Events!
megmeg9: I would have to agree with you again. Do you think the scions are worth all the clams?
bbaby1: It could be a little cheaper, but yeah it's worth the clams. My scion has brought a lot of joy to me!
megmeg9: Do you think you will try to buy another scion in the future, and why?
bbaby1: I`m still going to think about it, but right now it would be pretty hard since I am still working on paying off my loan. It was really a pleasure talking to you Mae!

I really hope that this interview has let all of you know how fun scions can be, and that you really have to work for them, just like you have to work for things in life.

This is Mae, going to drive my scion! Bye!


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