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Little Miss Whyville Pageant

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Have you ever wanted to express yourself, but felt as though you weren't experienced enough? I have and I know the feeling and it's not gonna boost your self-esteem three points. So now is your time to shine!

This is a pageant for Newbies (as you could call them) to get a taste of fashion events. It will prepare you for the official Miss Whyville Pageant!

In the same manner as the original pageant, each contestant will be judged in three events. They are as follows: looks (beauty is another great word that also describes), personality (how you honestly act), and your city-records (a little bit of what describes you).

If you were interested in the Miss Whyville Pageant I'm sure you're aware that it was to also spread awareness about bullies. This pageant will spread some news as well. It will be in honor of all those who have cancer, had cancer, and those who know victims. This is a tender subject and everyone should know what immense struggle these patients go through. My own cousin died of breast cancer. I have the first hand experience.

Now to kick-off this event...drum roll please...Miss Whyville herself, Glitzy101, along with the creator, Obvibeaut!

A few words from Glitzy101:

"Being Miss Whyville has affected me in many ways; now people notice me. It's fun being Miss Whyville because I love being an inspiration for girls on Whyville. It's fun to be in pageants because you meet a lot of nice girls and answer to fun quizzes that you normally don't see everyday or talk about on a daily basis."

Now From a citizen to famous host, Obvibeaut:

"This competition wasn't only fun for me, but it was fun for a bunch of girls. The reason I am doing this pageant again is because I enjoy judging it. There's one thing I want every girl to know, in the real world, looks will get you many places, but there isn't just one look."

Well you heard it first from the one and only Whyville Times!

I would like to give a big thank you to all of the people who encouraged me to do this, the Times, Obvibeaut for gracious support, and Glitzy101 for an amazing competition!

Good Night, and Good Luck!
**Going to enjoy the Nightly News with Brian Williams**

Your humble Citizen,


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