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The Unforgettable Party

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Hello. I am mokey6. I am thrilled beyond belief about what happened at the Greek Theater today, Thursday, July 26. Immediately after it happened, I rushed to write this article. If you were one of the lucky people who got to move around in the Greek Theater, please, say so in the BBS so people know.

It's something that you don't forget about for a long time. It was amazing. I had made my way into the middle of the Greek Theater by projectiles. It was right after the interview person left. I decided that it would be fun to have a Trivia Hour, hosted by myself, since I was in the middle of the Greek Theater. It was very fun, and anyone who wanted to asked questions. But then, a guy moved to get a Kabillion Box! We were all wondering how he moved around! Then someone said that it was the act of a mysterious City Worker.

That's when it began. People started moving around the Greek Theater! The could move anywhere they wanted. Slowly, everyone was able to do it. Except me. I was mad, and thought it was just my account, so I got off and got on a new one. But no. That account couldn't move either.

But then, all of a sudden, the City Worker Mark came in, and started saying invite (screen name of someone). I thought that that might be how they were moving around, so holiday50 and I tried to get him to say: invite mokey6. When he finally did, I was extremely happy.

We played many games, including tag, ring around the Greek Theater Board, and ring around the Mark. We got Mark to draw a boat on the board, as you will see. Some people sat in the boat and pretended to sail on it! It was a blast. Mark Also brought out a Feathered Funicula! If you don't know what that is, check out the PiffWell at Sportplatz.

A few people sat on the Feathered Funicula as if it was a throne. In reality, it looked just like a throne I took a picture of it here:

You also see his second drawing of the boat in this picture.

Now I decided to interview two people who was also there, and could move. That was Kiko987 and Holiday50.

Mokey6: Why do you think Mark decided to let us move around like that?
Holiday50: I think he had time and wanted to have fun with us.
Kiko987: He's cool like that :)
Mokey6: What was your favorite part about being able to move around?
Holiday50: My favorite part about being able to move was dancing around Mark and the screen.
Kiko987: Being able to sit wherever we wanted to.
Mokey6: Why do you think Mark put the feathered funicular on the stage?
Holiday50: I have no idea. I think he might have been trying to tell us something. Maybe it's a new face part on whyville.
Kiko987: I have no idea.
Mokey6: Do you think you will remember this even forever?
Holiday50: Yes because it was fun. City workers don't always invite people to move around and draw on the board.
Kiko9987: Yes.

You heard it from them! It was an unforgettable party! I even heard someone saying that that was the best Whyville party they have ever been to, and it wasn't even meant to be a party!

We also danced around Mark like Indians dancing around the fire. But he did decide to become silent, and left, which made the people who couldn't move not so happy.

This was mokey6, waiting for something as fun as this to come along again!


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