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What Whyville Means to Me

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What Whyville Means to Me

Guest Writer

Hey, Times Editor!

Qtchick04 here! I was lying in bed, thinking, one night, and I decided I wanted to write an article for the Times, but what should I write it about!?!? Hmmm... I know!! How about what Whyville means to me!

Well, first of all, the first thing I do EVERY morning between getting out of bed and going to the washroom is log on to my trusty old Whyville! Since I've had Whyville, I've missed all of those Saturday morning cartoons!

Whyville is a town where I can socialize and learn all at the same time! And believe me, these two things are very very important to me! I make new friends in Whyville ALL the time, and I manage to keep the old. I've even found people that already I know on Whyville.

For instance, I was talking to a girl and we became really good friends, we had so much in common. She really reminded me of a girl I met at camp last summer, and, go figure, it actually was her! I was so excited!

Another example is, I got to be good friends with one girl, we talked all the time, and we Y-mailed each other every day. Then, I was at a softball game, and a girl on my team says: "Anyone here a good ol member of Whyville?" A couple of us shouted, "Oh yeah, for sure!" and then we were exchanging our Whyville names, When I got to one of my friends, we realized that we have been like best friends on Whyville and we didn't even know it! That got us even closer in real life.

And then I meet kids that don't even live close to me, they live in a different country, or on the other side of the world, and I learn sooo sooo much about other countries and different cultures.

And then there are the games... talk about a second schooling, only this is really fun learning, and we get something out of it, talk about fast and fun learning!

Well I hoped you enjoyed my article on what this lil town means to me!

Signing off,




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