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My Day in Whyville

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My Day in Whyville

Guest Writer

My life is like this. I'm on my terrific Summer break going into 7th grade, and every day on my break I always go on Whyville. But before I go on Whyville, I always sign on on AIM to see if any buddies are on! Then I find some of my "Whyvillian friends" and start chattin away... here is a day in Whyville....

I end up in Whyville Square and start chattin there, but for only a little bit, because it so crowded. In the Square, I always love to look at the newbies! They're sooo funny! Some only have hair... LOL... no offense, all you newbies, I was like that once too! So that makes my day more cheerful!

After I go to Whyville Square, I go to play some games and try to raise my salary (which is now 35)! That usually doesn't take very long. After that, I go to Akbar's Face Parts store to go buy some stuff for me with my new clams! If I'm feeling goofy that day, I'll go buy some projectiles!

Then I always go to the Pool Party, where everyone is trying to get noticed! LOL! Thats where everyone rich is! LOL! So I go in the Pool and go down the slides a lil' bit! After that, I usually go to the SportPlatz to throw some stuff at peeps! LOL! Then I go straight to the Playground.

The Playground is a quite unusual place. You always, always see peeps talkin' non-stop! LOL! After the Playground, I go to the Spin Speak, just to chill out and be a BUM! LOL! Then I log out for a second, to go call my cousin, PinkInk25! Oh yeah! Hey, PinkInk! (That's just a shoutout!)

Then I go to the Sun Roof to see my friends and I just keep on repeatin' and all dat! I don't always get to my lil' schedule, but I usually do!


  • PinkInk25: Hiii Pinoc! You're a great cousin!
  • Blossom40: You're a funny person! Auhauhauh!
  • Cierra201: Hi, I'll see ya later!
  • MusicPunk: Don't leave whyville!!!
  • Trell: HolA! Que paso!
  • Trev007: SUPSUP!

Pleezzzz send me clams, I'm always BROKE!


Guest Writer

Hi, I am giving a brief report on what I do every time I come on to Whyville.

First, I see if I have any new Y-mail. Then, if I do, I reply to them and send some to my friends. After I finish doing that, I sometimes send a clam gram to some of my friends, ones that don't get that much of a salary. Since I just sent all of my money away, I try to get a higher salary and play a couple of the games and try to get some trophies.

Next I go to City Hall, look around, and check the petitions and the polls. If I agree with any of the petitions, I will sign them. Every once in a while I start my own. I usually don't, though.

After that, I go to the message boards. Most of the times it says, "How do you get clams?" So I write their name down on a piece of paper and Y-mail them. Just to make it a little bit easier for them.

After I have told someone how to do something (how to get clams, for example) I will go ahead and start chatting. I usually don't chat for long, though.

One of the last things I do is go check the petitions and see (when I have just started a petition) if any one else has signed it. Then I go ahead and log off. After that, I go ahead and get on my other name for Whyville, and I do everything again.

Sorry this was so long.



Guest Writer

Well, here's my day on Whyville.

I first sign onto my MSN. Then I go onto the internet onto http://www.whyville.net, my favourite site in the world!

I sign in as teddyb, and I'm in Whyville Square now. Lots of happy people with smiles on their faces (like usual, LOL), and I start to chat.

Then I go to Akbar's to see how many clams I got. After that, I go to the Pool Party and if anyone needs my help, I help them. I give them clams, I give them advice, and I chat with them. Whatever they look like, I don't care. I talk with everyone, because everyone is a person.

Then, I start to organize my cheerleading squad (which I do not have a name for, yet). By the way, I still need 3 boys, so if you want to be a cheerleader, Y-mail me, LOL. I love my squad so much.

Then I spend a bit more time with my friends, work on my house, and then, when it's time for breakfast/lunch/dinner, I sign off, exit my internet, sign off MSN, and turn the monitor OFF!

Now, to tell you the truth, I don't ever have a typical day. Each day is full of NEW enjoyment: you do something new every day, you make friends, and sometimes get a new look (hehe). Anyway, I want to also take this time to tell you about my best day -- well, every day on Whyville is a best day, so I guess I mean outrageously best day. So here it is:

I signed onto my account, and landed right in Whyville Square. I went to Akbar's to check if they had any new parts in the Hall of Fame. Nope, just the usual.

That's when I saw I HAD OVER 800 CLAMS! I'm like, "woopee!!!" and then I said in my head "I CAN JOIN CLUB Y!!!" Then I went straight to Club Y and joined.

I loved it, I dressed up for my picture, then checked out the secret hiding spot. It was awsome! Then I booked a day for a party at the disco (which has already happend, sowwy:-(). I was starting to have the best day.

Then my usual: I went to pool party, chatted, made some new friends, and once they left, I went to Sportzplatz, chatted, then left, and then I checked out the Playground. But then I had to go, so I, teddyb, was signing off... signed off!



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