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Inside the Mind: An Interviewer

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Good morning Whyville, I have been getting a lot of y-mails since I've been in the Times. So in this article I will tell you the answers to the common questions Whyvillians ask Times Writers and Times Columnists. Hope this answers most of your questions!

chataboxx: How do you submit articles for the Times?
megmeg9: First click the newspaper above your bus menu. Once you are on the wonderful Whyville Time's front page, you will see a purple bar at the top that says: WHYVILLE HELP: GALLERY: DR. LEILA: SEARCH: SUBMIT: STAFF: HOME. Click submit. Then you will be on a page with the Times Editor's email address (The only email address you should ever see on Whyville besides City Management, if someone sends you their email address report them!) Before you email the Editor, read the article they suggest. It really helps, and tells you how to format and what your subject line should be! Then start your article!

bbaby1: How do you make up your mind on who to interview?
megmeg9: It can be very hard, since there are so many interesting Whyvillians to pick! Usually I pick people who never quit at their goals and would make good role models.

prepy2: What are some basic ways you can get your article in the Times?
megmeg9: Always make sure your article is appropriate, interests you, is formatted right, and that you have all the facts! Always use spell check, trust me it helps a ton! Also, don't quickly rush through your article! Boom bam, you're done! A good article or interview needs to take time, you really need to put effort into it!

x3prepx3: Does being a Times Columnist take . . . like work?
megmeg9: LoL, yes! You have to work hard for your goals always, being a Times Columnist was one of mine! What comes fast goes fast. So I tried to put effort in my interviews! :)

caathy: How much articles do you need to have before becoming a Times Writer, or Times Columnists?
megmeg9: It really doesn't matter if you had two articles or one hundred articles! There really isn't a certain number, just as long as your articles interest people and you put good effort into it, you will have a better chance!

I just covered the basic questions that are asked, if anyone has any other question feel free to ask in the BBS! Well this is Mae, going back to sleep!

Author's Note: This article wasn't meant for me to show off if some of you got the impression, it was for everyone who had those questions, and wonder what it would be like to become a Times Writer or Times Columnist.


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