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News just in: unexpected weather patterns are predicted to hit Whyville right on Christmas eve.

Whyville, an island off the coast of California, has always enjoyed temperate coastal weather. But a gigantic cold front is expected to sweep in from the northeast, and will be taking temperatures to a record low.

Marty B has been busy installing storm windows all over town, but no one is really sure what is going to happen. Be sure to come to Whyville on Christmas Day to see what has befallen our town.

It will be cold though, so remember to visit Akbar's. Ever the entrepreneur, he has rushed in a shipment of winter clothing to keep us all warm and cozy.

Also due to arrive on Christmas Day is the Whyville Trading Post. Do you have furniture, face parts or bricks you no longer want around? The Trading Post is where you'll be able to auction off your junk to your friends for good money.

As for this week's paper -- you'll notice that it is extra thick. We've got submissions from six, count'em SIX, Whyville citizens: Pego, Sahuboy, Polygirl, Applegate, Alicia, and Emily5. There's also an article from Times writer Lois Lane. It's a true (and very moving) Christmas story of sacrifice and giving.

There's lots to read in this special holiday edition, but you'll want to make it last, for two weeks to be precise, because the Times Editor is going on holiday. Yes, just like you, the Editor deserves a break too.

So you might...waant....tooo......reeeaaad....reeeeeaal...ly...... sl..oooooooow..ly........


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