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It's the first Tuesday of the month, and you know what that means, don't you? No, it's not Fish Taco Tuesday and no it's not the perfect opportunity to wear your Tuesday Underwear (okay maybe it is), but it is the day where Club Why members get to meet City Workers and get the heads up on what's happening in Whyville.

For those of you who missed the opportunity to chat and share your ideas with these wonderful and intelligent people, I will tell you what the "haps" is and what exactly happened in that crazy, crowded, exclusive Club Why Room. Please keep in mind that I am only one person and that it is very difficult to write every detail down, so I mentioned some of the key points.

It was 3:00 and we were all anxiously awaiting the city workers. As time went by, more and more people came into the room. It was cluttered with people and I am claustrophobic! Anywhoo, Mokey6 suggested we pound on the walls of Club Why to "break down the walls and make the room bigger." One by one, people said "Dance Waltz" and danced on the edges of the room to "make the room bigger." Before you knew it, almost everybody was saying, "BREAK THE WALLS! BREAK THE WALLS!" Of course, it didn't exactly work, but it was a great way to pass time and it was really fun!

Below is a picture of us Whyvillians "making the room bigger."

The first CW to arrive was McBean, then it was Trojan06, then ScyllaCat, then GuavaLeaf, then Akbar, and last but not least, Mark.

Let me just get right into what you are all waiting for, what the City Workers said!

* They are going to see about used Scions.
* Sun Spot is still low on the fix list
* We might have more scion models on the site.
* They will banish you if they see you getting "married," having a "wedding," etc.
* They are working on having an auction room.
* We might be able to play shuffleboard.
* If we get a bank to sponsor, we will have a bank in Whyville.
* They are not planning on making more plots anytime soon because it takes a lot of time, codes, and resources.
* They are working on letting kids sell their parts from their City Records page.
* They are working on a new beauty contest system.
* They are having a concert soon, but they did not reveal who the mystery guest is.
* They will be adding Olympic games; you and your friends can enjoy running, swimming, jumping in a long jump, pole-vaulting, and way more.
* You will soon be able to rent a Scion to drive.
* Girl Game Co. will have a way for you to look at games that other kids designed and you can also download Demo software to design your own games.
* Scion tracks are coming up in about two weeks. There will be five tracks with obstacles to avoid. * Rumor has it a new round of wicked flues will hit Whyville soon. But, you will also learn how to design vaccines against them and you can use/sell them.

Below is another picture of the crazy questioning and idea pitching.

Thanks for reading this article and I hope I gave you a good heads-up on what will happen to Whyville.

Keep a lookout for new things coming soon,


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