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Get Fit At The Fit Zone!

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Today, I went on Whyville, and saw a new place on the destination bar! It was called the Fit Zone! I went there and saw that there were 'why-sports' that we could do there! They included the 50-Meter Dash, Long Jump, 50-Meter Swim, Pole Vaulting, and Bicycle Racing! I decided I would take pictures and write an article for the Times about it!

So I brought my friend, Minnie931, and my other friend 5443 came soon, they ended up cheering me on in the games! Some other friends came also, and we had a good time.

Here is the overlook, where it brings you to when you come.

Taking Minnie's advice, we went to the 50 Meter Swim first! Here is a look at that:

In the 50 Meter Swim, you press the left arrow key, the right arrow key, and the down arrow key to move your arms and legs. Yep, you heard me, we have legs in these games! LOL!

Looks like a lot of people to fill the 3 spots, but don't worry! There are tons of rooms of each game, 25, so you can practice alone, or race only with friends!

When I first went in, I saw that everyone had their own strength, and stamina levels. You get your stamina level higher by playing the games, and if you join WhyEat Live and are healthy, your strength is one point higher than the set strength . . . but if you're unhealthy, it's one less.

Then we decided to go to the Bike Race!

In the Bike Race, you have to steer, and press the buttons to accelerate at the same time -- pretty tough stuff.

It does not let you move while some races are going on. Afterwards, we went to the Long Jump! Here is a picture:

In this game, you alternate pressing the arrow keys to run, and then press the down button, and wait until you get to about a 60 or 70 degree angle, and then jump. In that picture, I'm doing the long jump! =) There are waiting seats that you have to get in to be next, and some people can get pretty rowdy about someone 'stealing their seat'. So unless you can take someone stealing the seat you want, I advise you should play in your own room. Then, we went to the Pole Vault Event!

In the pole vault, you say how long you want to make your pole, and see how high you can go with it! It's a very fun event. The limit is said to be 203 pixels. You can go higher, but then you go off of the mat, and you have to land on the mat to qualify!

Then, for the last event, we went to a classic event, the 50 Meter Dash, of course!

In this game you alternate keys until you get to the finish line! It is the simplest event. =) 3 people can compete with you, or you can compete alone, so there's never a boring moment!

There is also a high scores list if you want to try and get onto that.

Afterwards, I went into my WhyEat Live Book, and found that I had burned nearly all of my meal calories off!

And a special thanks to HotBoi764 for giving me the idea of doing an article!

This is Ps2man1, signing out. *click!*


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