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Save the "tons of friends, really, sweet, helps everybody" clich??s for other deserving Whyvillians. Today's Whyvillian in the Spotlight is for a guy that you may know and like, or may know and hate. Either way, his outgoing, almost shocking personality is no stranger to Whyville. In fact, 1260, or as you call him, Danny, joined Whyville early, making his print on Whyville with his writing skills and striking opinions.

He entered our home site under the name Danny2112, which is the account Danny wrote most of his articles for the Times on. The Times was different back then, assure, different group of writers, different topics, but Danny's articles always stood out, a trait I admire in any writer. The ability to make your articles pop and sizzle, or leave a shadow on your readers is respected in and out of Whyville.

After the account Danny2112 was hacked and banned, he surged back onto Whyville once more under the username Rose775. It didn't really matter what account he was, anyways, although. It was pretty easy to distinguish Danny apart from the rest, with his flares, "don't care what you think" thoughts, and of course, his unusual straightforward language and vocabulary, which made all the IM speakers cringe.

Most who know Danny remember him from Club Why. He was a large part of Club Why, and it was truly the place where he seemed to control the conversation, and really show himself. I remember him as one of the most faithful members. He always had something well thought out to add, something to spew, or smile at. Most times, although, it's the other way around. Anyone who met him would recall his natural humor. Black, dry, split your gut. The dude was funny.

Rose775 was replaced with 1260 when it was hacked and banned, also, and now it's this account which Danny continues to go through Whyville, "friends with plenty, enemies of plenty" (I hope you don't mind if I quote you, Danny.)

So, why is he being chosen for WITS? Is it because Danny is so different and unique, not afraid to show who he is, even on a website? I was amazed at how he managed to express himself so thoroughly, whether it was in chat, y-mail, or in one of his articles, whatever you said, you could grin and think. "Yep. That'd be Danny." Maybe it's because, like I stated before, his amazing writing ability. Or maybe, if you need, he's always there. I said he'd be there, didn't specify what he'd say to get you out of your down mood. But, as always, I'm sure he'll come up with something.



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