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How Do I Play?

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I play kalah almost every day. And I always get a person who askes me "How do you play?" or "I learned different rules." Luckily for me, I learned the rules Whyville uses for kalah, so it came easy for me. But others might not be so lucky. This article is a how-to-play guide to Whyville's kalah for those who don't know the rules; or know different ones.

Basic info:

- In the begining of the game, each little circle has 4 pebbles.
- There is no specific order of who goes first; it is randomized.
- Having a strategy is the best way to win.

How to get an extra turn:

There is a way that you can get two or more turns. And it's really easy. For example: let's say you start out, and you have four in each circle. If you pick the one to get the last pebble in your big circle, then you get another turn.

But remember: if you chose to do this, the last pebble must be in your big circle (the one that collects your pebbles). It will be color coded to the little circles closet to you.

How to take another person's pebbles:

To get another person's pebbles, you have to land your last pebble in an empty circle on your side. and the other person has to have pebbles in the circle opposite the one your last pebble lands in. This one sounds really confusing, because it is. But once you get the hang of it, it really is easy!

But remember: your last pebble has to land in an empty little circle on your side.

The object of the game:

The object of the game is to get the most pebbles. It's that easy.

But remember: there are 48 pebbles all together, so if you end up with 24, you know you're going to get a tie. If you get below 24, you lose. If you get above 24, you win!!

I hope this article helps all of you. I hope to see you in the kalah room.

This is Nerdishh; signing off!


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