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Skate 4 Cancer

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Skate 4 Cancer's name is pretty self explanatory. They are a organization that spreads awareness about all kinds of cancer, and the importance of being supportive to those who have cancer. The original founder is Rob Dyer. The current slogan is "Dream Love Cure". I found out about this organization through friends and of all things, music. Currently they are on The Vans Warped Tour 2007, along with many other organizations that strive for a cause.

Skate 4 Cancer was created out of love and a dream. The journey of Rob Dyer is long and scattered with road blocks, but he persevered. At the age of 15 he decided to share his idea of skating for a cause with his friends. Almost immediately, he was shot down. His friends and peers shunned his idea, deeming it laughable. He dreamed of skating across Canada and The United States, visiting schools and hospitals along the way. Since his idea was not accepted, he kept it to himself. But only for a short time.

Two years later he decided to re-think his plan. He gained inspiration from marathon runner, Terry Fox, and his own mother who was battling cancer at the time. He voiced his vision to a new group of friends and family. They embraced his idea with unconditional support and love. He began raising money and fundraising for his 8000 km (about 5000 miles) long trip.

Four months before his trip was about to start, amazingly he lost four people close to him to cancer. A close friend to stomach cancer, a paternal grandmother to stomach cancer, maternal grandmother to brain cancer, and his own mother to brain cancer.

In March 2004 he had finally raised enough money for his trip and Rob and his team decided to meet in LA. They had also obtained a bus for the trip from sponsors. The route brought them through the southern states to Georgia. In Arizona, Rob developed a stress fracture to his ankle. The doctor advised him not to skate anymore until it had healed. Rob wanted to continue with his route that he had worked so hard for. So, he continued to skate and travel for his cause, relying on pain killers.

When the team reached Louisiana a major sponsor could not continue supporting the group and dropped out. The team was forced to separate and the school bus was taken away. The bus had been their transportation for the past 2 1/2 months. The whole plan seemed to fall apart. Where many would give up, that's not what Rob did. He planned to skate to New Orleans where two of his original team members planned to meet him with a car. On the next three days, he skated alone. He slept in a motel one night, a ditch, and a bench across from the police station.

On the homeland stretch, across the east-coast, they were faced with even more hard ships. At one point, their car was broken into. The car was damaged and money and a CD player were stolen. Physically and emotionally tired, he concluded the tour in Newmarket, Ontario. With his first skate tour under his belt, he felt that the organization could expand and include music to spread awareness.

The next North American tour will span from Toronto to Tampa, across the southern US to Los Angeles, and along the West Coast to Vancouver. It will be twice as long as the last tour, and it will conclude in Toronto, Canada. Skate 4 Cancer will continue to skate as long as the cure for cancer remains a mystery. Skate 4 Cancer does not accept donations directly, but provides contact to places that accept money for research. Right now Skate 4 Cancer is on The Vans Warped Tour 2007. They spread the information they know with the fans of music. It seems that music is the way to reach the people.

If you would like more information try these books:

"Tropic Of Cancer" By, Henry Miller
"Living Through Breast Cancer" By, Carolyn M. Kaelin and Francesca Coltrera
"Everyone's Guide To Cancer, 4th Edition" By, Malin Dollinger

Dream Love Cure,
This is Kindell signing off.


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