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The Sky is Falling

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The sky is falling
All I want to do is sleep...fall into the dark abyss, never to return... for every moment I'm awake, it seems that the sky will fall on my head, crushing me beneath...People say I have a problem...People say that there's a cure...but I know no problem, just the weight of the sky on my shoulders, a breath of wind never reaches me...
The sky is falling.
I must escape this earth, yet know that there is no escape...not in my life...if only there was a way the sky could hold itself in the sky...but the sky will fall...and I must hold it up...for without the sky, the world won't live, and I won't either, I must find the strength within myself...
The sky is falling!
I reach into the depth of my being...I look inside my heart...there must be a way...to put the sky back up...far up above me...a second, a minute or a day, and I can hold the sky once more...
The sky is not falling!
For I can hold it up...my strength will never fail...no matter the dark times when it seems it will... for I am strong...In body and mind and heart...I have a love for the world, a hope for tomorrow, and I will always believe...
The sky will not fall!
Not today...
Not on me...
Not ever.


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