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Do You Like Walking on the Moon?

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Hi! This is Koalarox and this is my first time writing for the Times. I have been on Whyville for a while and I have another account which has been on longer. Some of us Whyvillians have been on for a really long time, but others are new. I see a lot of questions like "How do you whisper?" "What's a BC?" and also, "Where's Jupiter?"

Well, the answer is you have to teleport to get to Jupiter.

You have to say "Teleport Jupiter," or "Teleport Saturn," or "Teleport Earth," you get the point.

Well, I interviewed a few people on the subject of teleporting.

I first went to Beach South. I found Cat058 there.

Koalarox: Hi.
Cat058: Hi.
Koalarox: Do you know how to teleport?
Cat058: Yes.
Koalarox: Do you like to?
Cat058: Sometimes.
Koalarox: Why do you go there?
Cat058: BC's (Beauty Contests) and to hang out.
Koalarox: Thanks!
Cat058: No problem!

Then I found ftdude at Beach North.

Koalarox: Hi.
Ftdude: Hi.
Koalarox: Do you like to teleport?
Ftdude: Yes.
Koalarox: What would make you go there more?
Ftdude: If they had more places to go.

Just to see, I went to Moon (people had to teleport there) and met Imany.

Koalarox: I know you can teleport but which place is your favorite?
Imany: Moon.
Koalarox: Why?
Imany: Everywhere else is boring.

Finally, I went to the Getty Lobby. I saw Matt3501 there.

Koalarox: Do you know how to teleport?
Matt3501: Yes, I do.
Koalarox: Which is your favorite?
Matt3501: I like the Newspaper Factory.
Koalarox: Why?
Matt3501: It's not crowded.

So, after talking to these four random people I met in some popular Whyville chat rooms, I have found out that people like to teleport and that the moon is a popular spot.

This is Koalarox saying, "Bye." Hope to see you in at Moon or Earth soon.


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