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An Unforgettable Event

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Hey everyone, girlmusic here to tell everyone about an unforgettable even that took place Monday, August 20th. It was at Beach Waterfall, and it was just like an ordinary chat room, with a bunch of people, mostly bored, but they wanted to do something to make Whyville history.

I don't know who started it exactly, but everyone went out and decided to buy beach balls and basketballs. Then they started throwing them at each other and going into corners and spaces and leaving the chat room so that the projectile would stay there.

A lot of people were involved in this, so it is hard to name them all. I think there were around 25 people who helped. So many people were saying that they started it. Other people kept spreading the word about it and more and more people entered the chat room. Here's a picture:

That was before people started to realize that some people just dropped the projectiles, so everyone started going around the room and picking them up. The most one person had was 15! Yes, I was counting. Here's another picture:

A lot of people went around and told everyone to say cheese and were taking pictures. They said they were going to write an article, so I guess I might have some competition here. All and all it was a fun event and I'm glad I was there.



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