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School Team Tryouts

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With summer coming to and end and school starting up I'm sure everyone has some academic goals in mind for the new school year but personally, I have some goals to make certian school teams this year.

I've been extremely fortunate to make all of the school teams I have tried out for over my previous two years of middle school and I assure that my tips will help you with your upcoming tryouts.

What Are Coaches Looking For?

Coaches are looking for athleticism and desire towards the sport you're trying out for. Well-rounded athletes who are willing to work hard and try their best is a good bonus towards making the team. Always try to be a good team player and show some spirit for your team!

What Should I Wear?

Depending on the sport you're trying out for, the outfit will vary but for any tryout make sure to wear athletic clothing and running shoes. (No jeans!) It would also be good to bring a water bottle! If you're a girl, it's also wise to wear you hair up so it's out of your face. (A ponytail, braids or pigtails would work)

What Should I Do If There's Free Time?

If you're fortunate enough to have free time while the coaches observe everyone, make sure to use your best moves and don't pick a spot in a corner where the coaches can't see you! Pick a spot near the coaches and make sure so display all the moves you got! :-)

What Should I Eat Before The Tryout?

Before your tryout you should definitely eat something healthy but make sure not to eat too much! Yogurt, granola bars, toast, a bagel or some fresh fruit is a good choice and make sure to keep hydrated and drink lots of water!

Make sure to always try your hardest and be a team player! If you don't make the team you wanted to, don't worry, there's always next year! Make sure to practice a lot and show those coaches what you got! Good luck!

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