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Time Flies

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How many of you could remember what it was like to run around and scream without a care in the world? When you talked to bugs and watched the grass grow. When you would climb trees without the fear of "breaking your nail" or "getting dirty." It was when you were younger. Was it five years ago? Ten? You took it for granted and now it's just a nice memory that will come and go with age.

It was my first day of high school a couple of days ago. I look back on it now. How nervous I was, how lost I got. I should have laughed it off. Took a chill pill and got a grip. But I didn't and now, I can never get it back. I realized I will never have another freshman first day of school. I just let it fly by.

I (along with many of you, I'm sure) have done this as well. Not just with starting school, but with our whole lives. The weird hobbies we used to have, the hair cut we hated, the time some of us had braces. All was gone before we new what happened. I was too worried with the future, or in some cases, the past and didn't understand that that part of my life will never happen again. No matter how bad I want it.

A word of advice: Don't live in the future or the past, because that is how you go through life miserable and wondering where it has gone.

Memories; they're nice. But they can leave. They say some can last a lifetime, but you never really know until you're old and have other things to think about. You have no idea. I know I think that being in your thirties is "old" but the truth is, it will come before I know it.

But this time, it will be different. I will take the time to remember all the things I never want to forget. Live in the moment. Write things down to save them forever, because you never know when they might leave you. Like, for example, my obsession with Harry Potter. I don't think it now, but it probably will fade as I grow up. But I will have all my memories of my knowledge, and obsession with it. And Whyville. Writing for the Times, hoping they will make it in. Or making face parts and waiting for that letter that says it made it in.

I will never forget them. My freshman year will be my best because, unlike when I was younger, I live in the moment. And I strongly encourage you to too. Because it will fly away, very fast. You will be surprised. But don't give it that chance to fly away. Because then it will just be,

A memory.

Nerdishh, who has thought enough for one day, signing off.


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