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Inside Megmeg9's Mind

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In almost every single Times, I read one of megmeg9's fine interviews. After reading I am always thinking, "What is she like?", "What would it be like interviewing her?" I finally decided it was time to interview the most amazing interviewer of all time. Megmeg9 the interviewer was now, megmeg9 the interviewee.

Obvibeaut: I've always wondered how you come up with some of the interview questions you've asked?
Megmeg9: Well, I really try to get inside their mind! :) And ask questions that only they would know!
Obvibeaut: Interesting. Do you try to keep to using the same questions with every person, or do you try to make every single interview different? And why?
Megmeg9: I usually try to ask different questions so it is more exciting and not the same thing. Only sometimes I really can't think of a different question to ask, so I just ask the same question from one of my previous articles in a different form! :)
Obvibeaut: Yeah. I definitely think that would help you, and keep you much more organized. I was wondering, how do you do your interviews? Do you go to rooms and interview people, and jot down on a paper what they say, print screen, y-mail, or do you have a different style?
Megmeg9: I always y-mail! Y-mailing is a lot more easier than talking to the person in a chat room! Because unlike the chat rooms, I'd have access to the Whyvillian's answers anytime through the y-mail!
Obvibeaut: That's the exact same reason that I like y-mail a lot more too. So, let's break out of Megmeg9 the interviewer, I want to know Megmeg9 the Whyvillian. What are your hobbies?
Megmeg9: Good question! :D I love to act, sing, cheer lead, bike ride, and writing! :) All my life I've wanted to be an actress, or author! Another hobby is the computer! I can't stay away from it!
Obvibeaut: Same with me. I feel like my parents should be putting a zap on my keyboard so whenever I type I get zapped. That's over 80 zaps a minute:) You said one of your hobbies is writing. When did you discover you wanted to start writing?
Megmeg9: Wow. Well when I was eight years old, we had this creative writing class. All my classmates would groan when we were assigned to write a story, but I always got excited! :) When I started to get older, I studied writing and began to make my stories much more longer!
Obvibeaut: We seem to be very a like. I can remember feeling like an outsider whenever we we're assigned English; I almost jumped out of my seat. So, I guess I'm saying I know exactly how you feel. In school were you the only "very talented" writer, or were there students you sort of, "competed" with? If so, did you like having the competition?
Megmeg9: For a long time, at my school no one really cared about writing, until 6th grade!
Obvibeaut: When you're not writing interviews, are you writing poems? If so, what kind of poems do you "specialize" in? Which is your "fortay"
Megmeg9: I usually don`t write poems, but when I'm not doing interviews I write in my diary! :) It helps me to really vent, and get my feelings out!
Obvibeaut: I definitely agree with the diary thing. I'm happy to have one because it really helps me. Will you be sending less articles into the Times when school starts? I'm positive people are going to miss your articles.
Megmeg9: Sadly yes I'm not going to have many articles in the Times when school starts. I'll still work on articles though in my spare time!
Obvibeaut: Thank God. I love your articles. When was it that you realized you wanted to see your face on the welcome page? And how did it feel once you finally did? I know it felt amazing for me, I felt famous. Is this how it made you feel?
Megmeg9: Thanks so much! :} You are a great writer! I remember when I was pretty new to Whyville, I always dreamed of getting in the Times! It reminded me constantly about how much I loved writing and how much I missed it! I took a long break from writing before. Several times my articles didn't get in the Times, until one day in November when I interviewed Takashie! I just felt ecstatic when I found out my article got accepted! For awhile none of my articles got accepted again. They were all about different things, not interviews. So finally I tried to do another interview several months later! I couldn't believe it when the Editor asked me if I would like the job of being a Times Columnist! Words can't describe how I felt! I was just so proud, and relieved that my hard work and studying writing paid off! :)
Obvibeaut: That must of felt amazing. I have yet to be offered a Times job:) But if I had to choose anyone you are the perfect columnist. What was it like being, "why famous?" Like after you were offered the job, everyone noticed you, how did this make you feel?
Megmeg9: I am so certain that you will be a Times Writer or columnist soon! You have so much talent! After I got the title of being a Times Columnist, I knew I would have many y-mails, but I had no idea that I would get so many! I love each and every y-mail I get! I can't believe how much people read my articles and really enjoy them! That makes me fell so good inside, especially if someone told me that I inspired them! I also have had many hate mails, at first I was very upset by them, but now I've learned that every has their own opinion! :) When I am talking with friends on Whyville, some Whyvillians will give me nice compliments! It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside! I still can't believe how much this changed my time on Whyville so far!
Obvibeaut: Thank you:) Well, this about wraps up what I really wanted to know about Mae. I got inside your mind, and heard your thought's first hand. Thank you so much for taking all this time to answer these questions for me. Do you have any thoughts, or anything else to say to everyone?
Megmeg9: No, thank you! I was so excited to do this interview! I just want to thank everyone! Everyone who made me more confident, gave me nice compliments, and gave me a reason to write! Also a special thank you to all the people who sent me hate mail, criticized me, and doubted me! You all made me more confident, and stronger! =)

Whyvillians, I really think I got something there. I got to know everything about Mae that I wanted to know, and now we are friends. Special thank you to Megmeg9 for her time.

I hope in my interview you found out some things of Megmeg9 that you wanted to know. And if you still have questions about her, why don't you interview her and try putting it into the Times? You have the opportunity to feel like Megmeg9 and I do. We feel famous seeing ourselves on the front page, and being noticed. Now it is your chance.

Thank you,


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