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Announcements, Announcements

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Announcements, Announcements
Returns, graduations, and Miss Whyville.

Returned Citizen

Hey peepies; I'm back!!! I've been very busy these past few weeks, doing lots and lots of things. I have had the occasional check-up in Whyville time, though. But now I'm back forever! I missed all of you here in Whyville, and am so glad to be back! I'll be doing my usual activities.

Danananananana catgirl!



New High School Citizen


This is Jayz55. I would like to wish all the grade 8's in the future a happy grad and best of luck in high school. This is a time of ending a chapter, and also a new chapter opens. For some people this is a happy time (I know it will be for me, because I won't have to put up with my class anymore), but for others it is a sad time.

It is a happy time because:

  1. You might not have to put up with people you don't like that much everyday (like me).
  2. That much closer to driving!
  3. More independence in school.

It is a sad time because:

  1. Maybe your friend is going to a different.
  2. You might miss a teacher.
  3. Just will miss everything about your school.
  4. Can't walk to school.

Anyway, this is Jayz55 saying bye!


Citizen Interviewer

Hello, I am monkey05, Whyville's interviewer!

I am going to interview the top 15 gurlz that might be Miss Whyville. I think they should be interviewed, because our fellow Whyvillians want to know who's competing against who and why they (the top 15 gurls) think they should be Miss Whyville. That way, Whyvillians will know who they should vote for to be Miss Whyville! Because what if you voted for the wrong person and then she became Miss Whyville, and we really should have picked the other girl, then what?

So when you find out who's the top 15 to become Miss Whyville, read my next article and find out about them and see who you think you should vote for to be Miss Whyville!!

Have a great day!

Your interviewer, monkey05



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