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Rap Music: Inspiring or Misguiding

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Many people listen to all sorts of music. One of the genres is rap music. Lately I have heard so much debate going on about many rap stars singing inappropriate songs and using to many curse words. Many people have an iPod or MP3 player containing music. All of my friends do and so do I, but my one friend isn't allowed music from artists like Eminem and 50 Cent because it is inappropriate. Someone else I know can have whatever music they like.

My personal opinion is that rap music is appropriate up to a certain level. I don't think the song "Mockingbird" is very bad, but a song like "Candyshop" should not be available to all ages. To find out someone else's opinion I went to Beach Grotto and I interviewed a Whyvillian called DRS12. DRS12 is a 13 year girl who lives in Colorado. She like to spend most of her time in the Beach Grotto or the Nutrition Centre

Baxierox: What do you think of rap music. Is it inspiring or misguiding?
DRS12: Well, I think that rap music can be either inspiring or misguiding. A lot of rap music is about gangs and drugs and those kind of things, where some are just simply a different type of song. So it just depends.
Baxierox: Do you listen to rap music?
DRS12: I don't normally listen to rap music, and not for the fact I think it's misguiding. I just would rather listen to other music.
Baxierox: Do you think artists go over the edge with some songs?
DRS12: Some artists do sometimes go over the edge. But that's nothing they can't fix, right?
Baxierox: Any further comments?
DRS12: I think that kids should be smart enough and mature enough to make their own choices in what music they listen to. If they want to go the rap way or the country way, that should be up to them (and maybe their parents).
Baxierox: Thank you for doing this interview.
DRS12: Thank you for your time.

There you have it, this Whyvillian isn't against rap or likes it very much either, much like me. So you see rap is both inspiring but can also sometimes be misguiding.

This is Baxierox, getting ready for school.


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