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The Well Is No More (But It's Back!)

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Note from City Hall: The Wishworks Well has NOT been closed. It is scheduled to stay up until some time in mid-September. We changed some code on the Sportplatz page and accidentally broke the Well for about a day. As of noon, Wednesday, August 28, the Well was back in action! The City Workers apologize for the misunderstanding. As for the following article, incorrect though it may be, we're leaving it in because we wanted this note to clear up any confusion about the Wishworks Well being down for a day.

Hey there, everybody! I'm B4byboo reporting on the terrible tragedy at our Sportplatz well. For those of you who don't know where the Sportplatz is, it is one of the many options on your destination drop-down menu. I figured this was an important thing to report on because many people spend time there. Read on!

It was a regular day in our wonderful town, Whyville. I decided to go to the Sportplatz where I met up with many of my other friends and we began chatting and unscrambling the words as usual. Then, suddenly, the part where they put the scrambled words went blank, and stayed blank.

A fellow Whyvillian accidentally bumped into the well, but it didn't send the usual message, "Don't bash the wishing well!" Instead, her avatar went right over the well, as if there wasn't even a well there at all! Someone even tried summoning their scion and it didn't appear!

Many people began wondering what was going on and everyone started going over the well and trying to toss coins. But no more coins were being tossed, no more words were being put up . . . nothing. We all knew we were thinking the same, sad thought, "The wishing well had ended." So everyone gathered around the well. Some of the things people were saying were:

"The well has ended!"
"Everyone hug the well!"
"A moment of silence for the well, please . . ."
"Maybe it's just a glitch!"

I know that the well was my favorite place to chat with my friends, earn some clams and have some fun with my scion and other's as well. I also know many people feel the same way and would agree with me.

I'm quite disappointed but I truly believe that Whyville knows what they're doing and will start something else up again just as fun, if not more. So, those of you who I heard saying "I'm going to quit now," or "Now Whyville isn't any fun," don't quit. Whyville will do their absolute best to make it fun for us again. And remember, there are many other places to go and activities to do on Whyville.

Now, you are able to go to the Sportplatz and chat with your friends, and the well with the picture of Benjamin Bartholomew Piff on the cover of a book will still be there, but may not be later on. And you are unable to unscramble words or summon your scions, so there's no need to even try.

We will always remember the Sportplatz where we met many friends and had a great time. Just think, there's some new room or activity just around the corner. So, don't be sad, angry or disappointed. Think of this as a new step for a new place on Whyville. Think of it as a thing to celebrate instead of a thing to groan and moan about. Think of it as a new beginning.

Hope to see you around Whyville,


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