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Hot and Not

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Hot and Not

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Hey Whyvillians!!! This is flychic again, you may remember me from my other articles such as April Fools! I'm here to write another long but rather interesting article of interviews by me!

Today I have interviewed: Punk1o1 (Yo!), Rampage (Sup), Gymiebabe (hey!!!), and Loud01 (Heylo!)! I interviewed them about what's hot and what's not in Whyville for the fads and trends of today. Here are the results:

Me: Hot or not? Tube tops
Them: Not!!!
Me: Black hair
Them: Not!!!
Me: Funky coloured hair
Them: Not!!!
Me: Blond Hair
Them: Hot!!!
Me: Overalls
Them: Not!!!
Me: Babies
Them: Not!!!
Me: Pixie Co
Them: (We had a huge argument over this one, so the results for it are classified.)
Me: Redheads
Them: Not!!! (We had an argument over this one, too, but we came to a conclusion!!)
Me: Sunglasses/glasses
Them: HOT!!!!!
Me: Pool Party
Them: Hot!!
Me: Sportplatz
Them: So/so
Me: Y-Mailing
Them: Hot!!!
Me: Disco Parties
Them: So/so
Me: The Times
Them: Hot!!!
Me: Whispering
Them: Hot
Me: Club Why
Them: Hot
Me: Projectiles
Them: Hot
Me: Newbies
Them: Hot
Me: Racism
Them: NOT!!!
Them: Not
Me: Drugs
Them: NOT!!!
Me: Skateboarding, snowboarding, ect.
Them: Hot!
Me: Homes
Them: Hot
Me: Beauty Contests
Them: Hot
Me: Petitions
Them: Hot
Me: Akbars, fads, following trends
Them: Hot!!!
Me: Clams
Them: HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!

There you have it, folks!! A big, huge, gigantic list of all the things that are hot or not, good or bad, safe and dangerous in Whyville and the real world!!! Thanks for reading, hope this helps you and you enjoyed reading!!!

Signing off -- A willing Whyvillian

flychic xoxoxo



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