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Eh! It's rochrox, back home at last. On Sunday I went camping in the Bruce Penninsula National Park, up near Tobermory. We went for a long hike up the Georgian Bay Trail, and when we got to Boulder Beach, took some incredible pictures I'd like to share. A veiw this great can't properly be expressed though words or digital media, so if you ever get the chance to go to Tobermory and see the sights for yourself, I highly encourage it. Hopefully these pictures will do Tobermory justice!

Dyer's Bay at night.

Cyprus Lake, early morning.

A view of the bay from up high.

The rocks we climbed down from. Talk about off the beaten path.

My favorite view of the bay.

We drank from that waterfall! Best water I've ever tasted.

Crystal clear water - worth the 4 hour drive to go swimming in there!

Another great view of the bay.

My finale picture, and one of my favorites. Hopefully you've enjoyed my pictures of inside the Bruce Peninsula National Park (and hopefully I haven't made the TE too mad by flooding his inbox with pictures) and you have some idea of what a truly magnificent place Tobermory is.

This has been rochrox, wishing she was back in Tobermory instead of getting ready for back-to-school.


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