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My Day in Whyville

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My Day in Whyville
Citizens share their diaries.

Guest Writer

Here is what I did today (July 8, 2001):

I come on Whyville at about 8:00 A.M. The first thing I did was check my mail. I never used to get mail, and now I get it all the time.

Once I read the mail about the Solstice Safari thing, I went and checked it out. I was totally psyched that my team got number 8. I mean, we had 4 people who didn't do anything. Only me and PunKeT (sorry, I forgot what your name was) actually finished all the stops.

Anyways, after that I checked out my ledger to see what my new salary was: 64 clams!!! I was actually kind of proud.

After that I decided to read the Times. I would've read it earlier, but my computer had been crashed for a few days. Well, I was even happier to see that one of my articles was in the Times. So far I was having a lot of fun!!!

Then I decided to go to Akbar's.... usually I just look around, but I never buy anything, because I can never settle on anything. And besides, I am trying to save up to 1,000 clams so that I can give to people who really need it.

Well, after I'd gone window shopping, I went to the Pool! As usual, it was overcrowded, so I left. I wanted to go somewhere more private, like the Disco. When I got there, there were about four other people there. So I decided to start a projectile fight. It was so fun. I wasted about 30 projectiles, but it was worth it.

I really think that this was one of my favorite days in Whyville! Well, maybe you will hear from me again in another article! C ya,



Guest Writer

Here is what a day is like for ME in Whyville:

I sign in to my favorite site, Whyville, and head straight to the Town Square. I don't usually spend much time there because it's usually really packed with so many wonderful people. I usually get there and head straight to my y-mail where I, most of the time, have billions of messages (just kiddin'). I usually have a few but, after I check my mail, I do what every other Whyvillian does, I check my satchel to see how rich I am. Very rarely do I even have 5 clamz, lol (a girl's gotta shop!!).

Anywayz, I then head toward the Sportplatz where I greet many of my fellow Whyvillians (basically all my friends). I chat for hours on end, and then I decide to have a change of scene. I check out the Playground, where very few hang out (when I'm on, at least). Then comes the very popular Pool Party where I, personally, don't like to hang out because it's always so squishy... (lol, you know what I mean). I chat there for a while and meet new people. I never knew meeting new people was so fun!! Then I usually go check my ledger, once again, to see if I've sold any face parts.

Recently, I have started making new things for Akbar's. It's sooo fun!! I usually play games, learn new dances, check petitions, and *giggles* make new face parts (lol). I read the Times before I sign off, so I can see what I have planned to do for the next time I get on Whyville.

That's 'bout it for the way I spend my many times at Whyville. I have such a fun and exciting time here at beautiful and friendly WHYVILLE everyday. I'd like to say Hey to all my fellow Whyvillians, I luv ya all!! Y-mail me! (I check it right when I get on ...) ;o] I luv meeting new people!!

~This is QTpie212 signing off NOW. *beep*


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